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Saturday, September 24, 2011


September 24, 2011

I keep a list of between 25 and 35 people to check out when the Team suggests a new type of contaminant or a different way to address a contaminant. After I have checked the people on the list and made notes, we begin the process of clearing and healing as much as allowed. From time to time, the Team will ask me to once again check for something we uncovered and addressed months prior.

The latest issue has been about beings with negative agendas and the dark side who have “tentacles” in the people on the list. This list is of people who are currently in process and people who have received the Divine Reconnective Healing Process at least once in the past year and have maintained contact. Spiritual healing is an ongoing process because of our embodiment at this dense level of existence with many “residents” to whom/which we aren’t accustomed. Some contaminants are cleared and repairs made, and the problem doesn’t reoccur. Others begin coming up again within weeks or months depending on a host of factors. If ones can learn to remedy the small stuff their own selves, more the better.

Again, we’re currently addressing the issue of beings with negative agendas and the dark side with people on the list. Almost always, people with major issues over time are most afflicted by a particular issue or contaminant. I was moved to tears of compassion for one person who has been majorly troubled for years whom many healers have assisted but not been 100% successful at putting an end to the tribulations of this person. People engaged in black magic and witchcraft seem to have been using him/her for target practice.

Anyway, when I was checking on our progress with each person regarding the tentacles issue, one of my crew called the beings with negative agendas “nasties.” I stopped everything and enjoyed a big laugh of appreciation (and smiled inside for hours as a result of this input). When I finished the work on the tentacles issue, I created the list to check for “nasties” (using that general/generic word). The first person we terminated their presence from and processed was my own self. (For someone engaged in spiritual healing, they seem to be par for the course.) I heard “rip cord” and recognized someone had astral projected into my home and was withdrawing, so I sent some of the Angel-Light Team after him/her to give that person light and love for transformation and healing.

Having metaphysical and spiritual awareness and so-called psychic and mediumistic abilities can curse one’s life or bless one’s life. In my opinion, it’s usually a combination of both.

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Angel-Light Love
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