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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


September 14, 2011

When going through some loose papers recently, I was reminded of using the statement, “I Am releasing and letting go now.” The next morning, I received a reminder on the Internet by reading something someone else wrote. On my paper, I had written down a short process that an acquaintance uses in telephone consultations with people. He instructs people to tap on certain areas in certain ways while repeating the statement over and over until he says to stop. He uses a dowsing device to tell him when the clearing from that area is complete. (Of course, once something is cleared doesn’t mean there won’t be more to clear on another day.) The Internet reminder I noticed was about using pressure points to release.

These reminders brought to mind similar techniques I’ve used and recommended over the years to clear and release. It occurred to me to combine some of the techniques with the sentence, “I Am releasing and letting go now.” Over the years of my ministry, I’ve recommended similar but more detailed words to people who are in pain and to people who have been diagnosed with diseases, and some were amazed at the results.

I will share some of my recommendations here. One can choose to press firmly on an area in pain with a hand or to tap firmly and steadily with the fingers of one hand (or both on different occasions). If the area cannot be reached, one can place one’s hands or fingers on the body opposite the targeted area and focus mentally on the area. Repeat over and over again while tapping or pressing, silently or aloud, “I Am releasing and letting go now.” When one senses (or guesses) one is complete, it is take a slow, deep in-breath and then exhale slowly while saying aloud, “I am releasing and letting go now” and remove the hand or fingers from their position. Afterward, I tell my Divine Support Team to take it away to the processing station (or the recycling station).

Also, one can also mentally scan one’s body and intuit where there might be something to be released and use this method there. One can tap on the tapping points that Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and similar methods recommend while saying aloud, “I Am releasing and letting go now.” And one can press on various pressure points, of course. The chakras/energy wheels, both major and minor, are good locations to use this technique with. Many people, including my own self, have noticed clearing when working in the solar plexus area.

People who dowse can use a dowsing device to both measure the intensity and determine when the release is complete.

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