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Friday, September 09, 2011


September 9, 2011

I recommend reading my November 24, 2008 blog titled “Central Vertical Channel,” which is related to the information we are presenting today. The January 30, 2009 blog titled “Central Vertical Channel – Part 2” will also be helpful. These can be found in the archives list on the right side of home page or by using the search mechanism in the upper left side corner of the home page.

Was checking out someone yesterday and was given that she has soul cord attachments—more correctly, beings with negative agendas attached to her soul cord. This wasn’t a piece of information I had solicited but a piece I was given by the Angel-Light Team. After getting more info from the Team, I did a quick Internet search and quickly found one article that was slightly applicable. To summarize the information, I was given and found, entities/beings working through human body-mind units can attach/link the soul cords of their hosts to the soul cords of other people. Also, there are schools of magic that teach people how to do this. I checked two people whom I know have these backgrounds and engage in covert activities and found one of them has soul cord attachments/links to 49 people and the other has soul cord attachments/links to 40 people at this time.

I then made one of my survey lists—this one of some people who have received and are receiving services—about 30 people. I confess that I was at first surprised by a few of the results, but eventually realized that they made sense. And then we began the task of disconnecting all beings with negative agendas from the soul cords of everyone on the list (if not against the soul contract of each individual).

We have added this item to our Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, and it will be addressed in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process.

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