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Saturday, October 22, 2011


October 22, 2011

I’ve not been a fan of the word “ascension” as it has been defined and overly used by metaphysically-oriented people over the last several years. There are many descriptions of what exactly “the ascension” is—from the traditional Christian rapture to a “beam-me-up-Scottie” scenario. The dates for the occurrence of “the ascension” vary but seem to center around the end of the Mayan calendar (and even that is disputed). After one has read hundreds of articles on the subject, one is left with the impression that just about every symptom a person might be experiencing is caused by “the ascension” when, in truth, there may be numerous causes of such symptoms. However, I have recognized many of the symptoms listed in these articles as normal evidence of decontamination and purification (which enable higher frequencies to be carried by the human body-mind unit). People have been experiencing these symptoms since long before the buzzword “ascension” became popular. So you see that I haven’t subscribed to much of the information circulating on the Internet about “the ascension.” But then, I don’t obsess or get caught up in much of anything as I’ve noticed some people seem to do.

Recently, someone we assisted a lot several years ago wrote to again express his/her appreciation: “"Thank you for all you do. I know for sure and certain how the Angel-Light team works. I remember they went with me to surgery and I am cancer free still!" He/She also asked me to check how he/she is progressing on his/her ascension. That inquiry is the catalyst for sharing experiences of my own self.

I’m very committed to my own decorruption, decontamination, restoration, and healing. I’ve been given more tips than usual from my Divine Support Team these last few weeks on what to do for myself. A few weeks ago, I received several indications of “transformation.” In recent weeks, I’ve been receiving more infusions of divine light energy than usual. A week or so ago, there was spirit guidance in the form of a question, “Are you ready [pause] for ascension?” Oh, yes! And the infusions increased in intensity and frequency. My body is “taken” to higher and finer frequencies when this occurs. Sometimes it takes a few hours for my body to adjust.

When contemplating all this, I thought to check myself to see if there have been any measurable changes/shifts. I checked: % grounded to the New Earth grid, light ratio/quotient, frequency resonance vibration, and % connected to my “Most High.” I was not unaware there were changes, but the results were very surprising. Of course, I began to wonder about various other people who have received and are receiving services and created a spread sheet covering these items for myself and 29 others. Tears of gratitude and joy flowed off and on throughout my little survey (during which I was provided additional information about some of the people). I discovered that I’m obviously not the only one who has been and is being prepped for “the ascension.” Not everyone experiences these attunements in the same way. A couple people I asked for input have been given guidance to sleep more than is normally their practice—at various times of the day.

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Angel-Light Love
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