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Friday, November 04, 2011


November 4, 2011

Question: Thanks for telling me about the gatekeepers. I have been doing the Wellness Decrees every day. The first day I got relief and wasn’t troubled all night! Thank you. Some days I feel better but there have been a couple of days when I feel wretched-- mainly because I’m having to do so much clearing. I'm still having a real bad time with these negative energies getting into my body/energy field and also having to clear them from my two dogs and my cat. Today had to ask Christ Michael clear them out of my computer because it wasn't cooperating. 0nce it was cleared, my computer worked fine. Could you tell me if there is anything I can do to keep them from getting into my body? They seem to get into my solar plexus and I feel like I'm dying of cancer until I get rid of them. My dogs won't eat their food when they have them and they cry like they are in pain. This has been going on daily. I need to find a way to stop this from happening. Any advice regarding this most serious problem?

Response: I assume you're saying the decrees aloud powerfully while knowing they do the job. There is no "magic bullet." What works for one may not work for another. And there can be more than one cause of the symptoms, which means they need to be dealt with differently. There are many ways to clear one's self and heal one's self--including regression work--which I have recommended for you in the past and which is very important for you personally. It is about healing all the lives of the soul.
I do know that ignoring the nasties as much as possible and focusing instead on raising the collective vibration of you, your animals, and your home will do much toward alleviating the symptoms. That's why the Wellbeing Prayers are so important. Also, the vibrating in resonancy handout I sent you a while back is important. It is to focus on the self--not the nasties--as much as possible. The "me and mine" includes the animals, the home, and the belongings. When one has done this persistently and consistently for a period of time (which varies for each individual), things normally will calm down more and more--with perhaps episodes from time to time. If one doesn’t react to the episodes when they do happen and instead focuses on moving vibrationally out of range, then the perpetrators will tend to give up.

Affirming such words as "Divine and I are One" (while deep breathing, of course) are helpful to keep one's mind focused on something besides the antics of the nasties. Also, try these words as a mantra when the symptoms are bad: “May Christ arise. May his enemies be scattered. May his foes flee before him.” About your computer, use the following: “I Am [name]. I Am that I Am. In the name of Divine, in the name of Christ, and under the law of grace, I [name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, and giving thanks for the decontamination, decorruption, and restoration of my computer and Internet service to optimal."

Over the long haul, if one can focus on raising the vibration of "me and mine" rather than on the nasties and their antics, one will be better served.

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Angel-Light Love
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