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Sunday, November 20, 2011


November 19, 2011

Since I unpacked my remaining books several months ago, I’ve been reading parts of them that I’ve read before—some several times. I picked up “Psychic Self-Defense” by Dion Fortune (first published in 1935) to begin reading again a day or so ago as time permits.

People who have been recipients of my services know that I’ve invoked the name “Christ” in prayers, decrees, and affirmations for many years. Several years ago, I added “Divine.” According to Dion Fortune (in Chapter XX titled “Methods of Defense”), “The Christ-force is the equillibriating, compensating, healing, redeeming, purifying factor of the universe. It should be invoked in every operation of psychic self-defence where any human element, incarnate or discarnate, is concerned.” She emphasizes that where non-human elements, such as thought forms, elementals, or the Qlippoth have to be dealt with, it is the power of “God the Father, as Creator of the universes, that is invoked.” I’m given that I cover this with invoking “in the name of Divine.” Divine means “of God.” (Dion was a UK native where some spellings are different. and it is to remember that this book was written in the first half of the 20th century, so words that we are unfamiliar with in 21st century can be found—especially in the USA.) Qlippoth/Qlipoth refers to the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, and there is a type of magic called Qlippoth/Qlipoth magic (which is black magic). So by beginning one’s decrees/affirmations/prayers with “In the name of Divine, in the name of Christ, and under the law of grace,” one covers both bases, so to speak. Dion cautions that the Holy Ghost (aka Holy Spirit) “is the force that is employed in initiations, and it shouldn’t be invoked during times of psychic difficulty, as its influence will tend to intensify the condition and render the veil yet thinner.” Bluntly put, people who invoke the Holy Spirit when seeking relief are asking for more of the same. If you forget everything else I’m sharing here, remember this about the Holy Spirit.

On a related subject, I have known that which I’m about to share from Dion’s “Psychic Self Defense” book for as long as I can remember, but she says it so well: “Behind the physical plane lies the astral plane, and behind the astral plane lies the mental plane, and behind the mental plane lies the spiritual plane, each plane acting as a plane of causation to the one beneath it, and each in turn being controlled from the subtler plane above it. When we ‘change gear,’ consciousness is shifted from a denser to a subtler plane and we begin to move among remoter and remoter causes of which the happenings upon the physical plane are the end results. We manipulate these causes and the results are immediately effected.” First cause is usually in the spiritual. Dion mentions that when one can shift consciousness and engage the gears of a purely spiritual power, one has “outclassed” black magicians and such. I’m emphasizing that people focus on the Wellbeing Decrees (in handout form which we have recently made some very important additions to) on a daily basis rather than overly focus on the Deliverance Decrees, although the tendency of people under psychic attack and being abused will be to do just the opposite. It is to remember there is a fine line between dealing with such issues and focusing on them. Ones tend to overly focus on addressing the abusers directly when under duress—which can be counterproductive. The Wellbeing Decrees are about raising/increasing one’s frequency resonance vibration, which at some point will significantly lessen one’s rapport with the dark side or eliminate it totally—on a long-term basis if one can maintain that vibration. Another benefit is shifting one’s consciousness into the spiritual where one can better deal with violations and abuse by the dark side.

In Chapter XI, titled “The Psychic Element in Mental Disturbance,” there is a very important paragraph: “. . . How far can the methods of ritual magic be applied to the relief of mental disease [disturbances]? They are undoubtedly palliative, but they will not produce a permanent cure unless the origin of the disturbed mental condition is found and cleared up. Unless this be done, as fast as we disperse the phantoms, they will re-form, because the mental state of the patient is invoking them. Under such circumstances, no magic circle can be kept intact. As fast as we break the rapport with the Abyss [the dark side], the patient renews it.”

I would like to emphasize here the term “rapport with the Abyss [dark side].” This was the catalyst for my gaining clarity regarding the matter I had been thinking about recently. Now there are reasons other than what Dion calls “mental disease” for one to be in rapport with the dark side. Sometimes this can be a carryover from another soul life. Other times one can be implanted, corded, etc. by darkhearted individuals engaged in ritual magic. There are several other reasons for this. What I’m about is healing causes and providing relief from the symptoms.

Another word for “rapport” is “resonancy.” One doesn’t want to be vibrating in resonancy with the abyss/dark side (well, most of us, anyway). The handout titled “Vibrating in Resonancy” that we share with supporters of our Love-Light Work can be very useful.

I did a spread sheet with the usual names on the list and a few extras, including a few I know to engage in ritual magic, to discover how much each is in rapport with the abyss/dark side. Now I understand why we (and other healers) were only able to temporarily provide relief from the psychic attacks and abuse for two or three people on the list whom we’ve assisted this year. Also know how to address the issues of one individual currently undergoing the DRH Process for whom several other healers haven’t been able to provide long-term relief. I don’t mean to imply that it is an easy thing to terminate a person’s rapport with the abyss [dark side], but I’ve been given (by questioning some of my Angel-Light Team members) words to use when addressing this issue. I’m given we the Angel-Light Team will be successful in providing long-term relief for about 60% of the people seeking assistance who have been very majorly oppressed for a over a year’s time (if I received that information correctly).

I continue to learn. Sometimes it seems the more I learn the less I know.

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