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Monday, November 28, 2011


November 28, 2011

A thread in one of my Yahoo groups has the subject “Tired.” I’m sharing here what I shared on the subject with the group.

One key to dealing with the weariness and even despair over conditions of this world and its peoples is to rise above or step outside it all and put one's self in witness mode. It is what it is. Fortunately, people all over the world are beginning to awaken--not as rapidly as I would prefer, but change is happening. The word that comes to mind is "quickening." When one puts one's self in witness mode, one can more easily follow the suggestions recommended by [name deleted] in this thread.

I am not suggesting one ignore the conditions of this world! I recommend just the opposite. Action, action, action--from a nonattached perspective! A little sharing, a little light here and there, on forums such as these, social networks, in churches and in synagogues, in political-type gatherings--all of these and more can assist in awakening humanity and effecting change. Setting an example with lovingkindness, giving to the needy, assisting in any way can open the hearts and minds of observers. If enough hearts and minds turn from fear and anger to love and compassion, there will be tremendous changes--bit by bit. Speaking up in gatherings where there is contention in a calm, centered manner will set a good example. On and on it goes.

One can make a difference from witness mode--just a step outside the masses--marching to a different drum--emitting a vibration of love, peace, and harmony.

And prayer (asking and invoking Divine) has and can change things.

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