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Friday, January 27, 2012


January 27, 2012

Recently, I felt as if I was going to “lose myself” if I didn’t give myself a dose of another spiritual/metaphysical teacher who majorly validates my reality. I asked myself who that would be, and Lisa Renee (www.energeticsynthesis.com) came to mind. I’ve written about Lisa and her work before on this site. I did an Internet search and chose a program titled “Ascension Cycle Timeline” that was offered on YouTube (about an hour). After that I chose another from the offerings—an interview of about an hour with another person named Lisa. I’m okay now! (Smile!)

As I watched the videos, I made some notes—mostly not new info, but we all need reminders. I’ll share some of my notes here as a way of promoting the work of Lisa Renee and also to share more of my reality. I want to start with a comment Lisa made in the “Ascension” presentation. She referred to “our friends the Annunaki.” It gave me pause until I realized it was said with sarcasm. The Annunaki are a reptilian race that Lisa says are 4D beings. I have seemed to find some in 2D (hiding perhaps). Lisa said that the reptilian invasion and interference with the plan of the Guardian Races for humanity began about 5,000 years ago. I think it may have begun up to 7,000 years ago. Close enough! We’re not referring to the 3D reptiles we are familiar with. I have found that reptilian lifestreams extend into our bodies and use them for their purposes. I don’t want to give any more info on that here because I don’t want to put anyone in fear. However, I have also realized that they have improved our human bodies. Lisa said that the Annunaki/reptilian agenda (one of them, in my estimation) is creating fear by using people as channels, spreading information about upcoming pole shifts, disasters, etc. I noticed that Lisa isn’t a big fan of channels and the information channeled. Neither am I. If one can get one’s information direct, as Lisa does, via the multidimensional self, and share it, then that is preferred—in my opinion. In the early years of my ministry, I thought I was channeling, but I was only speaking/teaching as another aspect of my own multidimensional soul self. For many years now I’ve just been being me—a multidimensional being.

Our Founder (“Law of One”) and Guardian Races avoid creating fear and support human evolution. Those races (extraterrestrial, draconian, etc.) that Lisa calls “regressives” do not. Their agenda is to suppress humanity. There is such a thing as a false Christ Consciousness matrix. Channels who are connected to this matrix feed false information. There is universal/cosmic Christ Consciousness, and then there is the false story regarding crucifixion and salvation that organized religion, under the influence of the reptilian controllers, claim. Lisa refers to this as an “implanted virus.” When doing a Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, the crucifixion implant is one type of implant we look for. Lisa teaches that humans are in the “Christ model.” One can activate the “Christ Model” within one’s self. She suggests asking for rehabilitation and repair for one’s self. I suggest asking, using the usual suggested format, for all changes necessary for the optimal activation of the “Christ Model” within one’s self.

Lisa says there are two levels of being on this planet: 3D and multidimensional. Fear programming (and implants, I might add) interfere with our multidimensional embodiment. She emphasized that eradicating fear programming is very important. She also reminded listeners to stay in the now moment, in witness consciousness. According to Lisa, 5D consciousness is about here and now, flexibility, and adaptability. (How many times have supporters heard or read me recommending that?)

According to Lisa, our souls (we) have been manipulated by astral level extraterrestrials. This is evidenced by people who are strong adherents of the “Law of Attraction” and “The Secret.” These people mostly deny there is interference and dark forces/dark side, avoid the unpleasantness of dealing with same (and are critical of those who aren’t in denial—based on my experience and that of others who have told me of their experiences). Most people in process of awakening are at this Soul Level, which is related to chakras (energy wheels) 4, 5, and 6. People who are operating mostly at the Personality Level are using chakras (energy wheels) 1, 2, and 3. Commitment to Soul and spiritual awakening is a priority.

At the Monad Level (chakras/energy wheels 7, 8, and 9), one is connected to God Source and recognizes what is going on with negative aliens and dark forces. And one starts to become aware of planetary service and higher levels of existence. (Been there, done/do that. Smile.)

My ears perked up (so to speak) when Lisa began speaking about Avatar Matrix Evolution, which she defined (according to my notes) as Solar Logos/Solar Christ, and connecting to Avatar Consciousness (which is 12 dimensional). You see, for weeks now, while being majorly oppressed by the dark side, I had been getting strongly, “Avatar! Avatar!” I didn’t quite understand the fullness of that warning. Aha! Once I heard Lisa speak about this, I knew what guidance had been trying to get across to me. I got to work on this immediately! Big shift!

More tidbits: Reincarnation is a 3D-4D construct and 4D is being controlled, and 4D beings are suppressing human souls and interfering. Going into the white light upon death is part of that, according to Lisa. (I don’t use the “white light” much at all. I’ve been more drawn to gold.) Galactic energy enters the body at the back of the neck. Reading energy signatures (of both seen and unseen) is very important. This is very important when an unseen one claims to be someone/something. Ask for the being to reveal its energy. Lisa also reminds us that we live in polarity and that we have amplified polarity. When one accesses extremely high frequencies, one is “matched” by the dark side frequencies. She’s not the only one, of course, who is of that opinion. Yet, there are people who consider people who are majorly oppressed by the dark side as “less than” people who have attracted the oppression by their frequencies. For a long time I’ve been of the opinion that many (but not all) of those who are most oppressed are souls who were divinely installed with important work to do--such as working for the freedom and liberation of humanity, as Lisa put it, which is the agenda of the Founder Races. I identify with that.

According to Lisa, we’re on “Ascension Plan B” because “Ascension Plan A” (organic ascension) is no longer viable.

A major conclusion I reached from watching the videos is that I have neglected myself and should have done more to protect myself. Lisa recommends her 12D shield, which is a Christ Consciousness shield. I get it!

You can subscribe to Lisa’s free newsletter via her web site (www.energeticsynthesis.com). I highly recommend subscribing and checking out Lisa’s site.

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