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Saturday, February 18, 2012


February 18, 2012

Excerpt from Email Received: I am not sure if you follow George Ure at Urban Survival [www.urbansurvival.com] or Cliff at Half Past Human [www.halfpasthuman.com], but Cliff is saying that the linguistic data gap they have seen for 15 years is here at the beginning of March. So it seems big change of some sort is around the corner! We have been noticing subtle but substantial changes in our family in the way our outlook and attitudes are changing. Hard to put a finger on it yet unmistakable that it is there. Seem to be energetic forces at work that are molding us in ways that are subtle yet evident if you self reflect at all. Not sure if you have been feeling these same types of undercurrents working amongst you and your friends?

Response (expanded from my email response to the sender): Seems to me there are definitely changes going on. Some people (people of consciousness similar to you and I) have commented about this in their newsletters, in videos, Internet radio, etc. There are various opinions and speculations as to what and why. I would suggest preparing for all contingencies as one is able to do so, which begins with education, education, education. Did I emphasize that enough? No? It’s about educating one’s self! As far as environmental changes, George Ure’s site (www.urbansurvival.com) is a good start. There are even people who are or have been “in high places” in government who are hinting and making suggestions. Whether one is able to prepare in a big way or a small way (such as stocking up on non-perishable foods one normally eats, water, etc.), preparing for environmental and lifestyle changes is a wise thing to do. It always has been. It’s like rural people in the 1800s stocking up on firewood for the winter.

Beyond the physical, there are changes with our energies, etc. I don’t normally pay much attention to so-called channelings, but scanned part of one today that claims humans are being “recalibrated.” I understand there have been others putting out the same or similar information. Some of us who are sensitive to energies have been noticing subtle shifts and changes. Some of us feel a sense of weirdness about their environments. Some of us notice unusual sensations in our bodies. Again, theories abound about the reasons for all this.

No matter what is going on and why, I intend to "be here now, be love, and be grateful," to do all the good I can for others, and to continue to work on myself (the Soul)--which includes all the lives I've ever lived/am living--so as to purify and cleanse, which facilitates my ascension (defined as raising/increasing my overall vibration). Part of this is working with all my facets/aspects.

Expanding on the subject of changes happening, I began focusing even more on working with my various aspects/facets/selves recently after pulling a book off my shelves that I read years ago (which was important enough to keep). I was recommending the out-of-print book to someone and wanted to provide correct information in case he/she could find a copy somewhere.

This book, which is on my recommended reading list, is "Unveiling the Secrets of the Soul" by Leslee Mikaels & Jecobie Roberts (Springfield, Missouri: Dream Dancer Publications, no year found, but probably 1997). I heard the authors share about their book when they came to Dallas on a promo tour but didn’t purchase the book at the time. Found it several years later at Half Price Books (a national chain which originated in Dallas). I regret that it is out of print, but surely there are copies available. [PS: Just found it on www.amazon.com!) I’m considering trying to locate the authors about the possibility of more copies being printed (after 15-20 years). An alternative is someone scanning it onto the Internet, with permission of the authors, of course. I have other books on this subject, but this is the “easiest.” It's about "facet/aspect therapy/work" (working with the different personalities, subpersonalities, soul aspects, etc.). Thumbing through it when I pulled it to recommend it to a supporter led me to decide to read it again. Listed on the Contents page are: The Jeweler and the Diamond, The Road Inward, The Great Illusion, Body Messages, Pathways, The Art of Talking to Yourself, Our Greatest Allies, The Secret Playground, The Fallen Dimensions, Afraid of Our Own Shadows, Internal Maps, Hitchhikers, Transcending the Void, The Joining, My Facets Did It, The Story of Jacob, Glossary, Exercise Index. I want to share some excerpts with you. As with all books I recommend, I don’t necessarily agree 100% with everything in the book.

“Our personal ‘facets’ have been referred to as multi-dimensional selves, facets, and soul fragments. [Angel-Light Note: Aspects is another term used, and one I prefer.] We will refer to them as facets and ask you to remember that, regardless of the label, all facets are energy portions of your soul. While each has its own existence, lives, personalities, gifts, issues, and identities separate from the other parts of the soul, each is still a part of the same original energy unit.”

“We have all had many existences, varying in time periods, races, spiritual indoctrination, and locations around this planet and elsewhere. Many times the lives of different facets have overlapped or coincided with one another, while other facets were not incarnate but were resting and/or healing. We all have facets who have completed their Earth walk and have ascended to the higher dimensions to work as guides and teachers to their own souls and to others. This is only one of the ingenious means we have of expediting our experience and learning from many perspectives and attitudes for our growth and enlightenment.” [Angel-Light Note: I’ve been claiming for many years that most people who “channel” are “channeling” other aspects of their multidimensional soul selves.]

“We could not have come as far as we have in two short millennia if we had not separated, on a soul level, into multiple components, thereby gifting ourselves with an opportunity for multiple ongoing lives.”

“Every facet of your soul combines to form the total consciousness of your soul, just as every living being contributes to the mass consciousness that resides on our planet. . . . The same energies of the mass consciousness that affect us in physical form also affect our facets, which are in energy form. After all, we are each nothing more than the sum total of our facets. Frequently, the mass consciousness energies will draw facets with similar issues to the surface levels of our consciousness. This can occur in individuals or groups, such as countries, states, neighborhoods, or even families.” [Angel-Light Note: The “love at first sight” phenomenon is evidence of this.]

On the subject of changes: “A ‘Fall,’ as we refer to it, is nothing more than accepting energies of a lower vibration than what one’s current state of existence can tolerate. This causes not only a drop in one’s individual vibration but the actual movement of the entire planet from one dimension to another. When this transpires, everything alters. The planet itself changes.” The authors give an example about electrical wiring and compare that to our personal energy systems, saying that when energy not harmonic with your own energy enters one’s circuitry pattern, there is separation and fragmentation of one’s system.

The authors describe the original fragmentations of souls and then report: “Integration and reunification have been ongoing in the unconsciousness and subconscious for our entire lives, and throughout all of our previous lives as well. Whenever small pieces of the soul rejoin, we are moved toward creating complete versions of the original. Each reunification and integration moves the soul closer to completion of the cycle. . . . Since the soul’s natural impulse is to enter the fifth dimension in a state of healed completion, all of us will experience many changes, energy fluctuations, and unfamiliar thoughts. It is now more beneficial to us, as individuals, to take a direct approach to the healing of our beings. This includes becoming personally acquainted with our facets in order to bring the healing needed and to clear the remaining debris from their sections of the energy body. [Angel-Light Note: This is a major reason why I recommended using "me and mine" in affirmations, decrees, and prayers.] Establishing communication with our facets places us in a position to better understand ourselves and to understand what healing is necessary to ease the yet broken components of our soul.” This book suggests processes to do just that and shares the stories of people the authors have worked with. At this time, there are many facilitators, including my own self, who are involved in this type of change work--for themselves and for others.

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