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Thursday, April 05, 2012


April 5, 2012

While enjoying a long bath in a tub full of water this morning, I thought of some guidance to share with a "lightworker" who called me when in a very distressed state of mind recently. He/She has suffered greatly while attempting to clear contaminants and interferences from people, animals, and places for quite a few years. It's important enough to share on this site.

It occurred to me to explain that when one uses a dowsing device to clear contaminants and interferences from people, animals, and places, one is pulling their stuff through one's own self. Some people who use a dowser to clear other people realize that. From what I've seen and heard, people who are very empathetic cannot do that safely. (The "lightworker" is very empathetic.)

Also when one is channeling/conducting/transmitting universal energy THROUGH one's body (NOT FROM one's body), the flow clears the other person and carries it away--NOT THROUGH the channel. The highest form of healing one can do is to be a Divine instrument and flow the energy through for the other person--with NO attachment to outcome and recognizing that the body in its wisdom will use that energy wherever it is needed--not necessarily where it is directed or for what purpose it is directed. Personally, the specific type of energy that is sent through my instrument (the majority of the time) was named Healing Love Energy many years ago by the Angel-Light Team. Of course, I also personally ask/instruct the Team to do certain specific things for others, and they report back to me on progress and provide any info it is important for me to consciously know. I use the word "they," but I'm a member of the team, too. It's just easier to differentiate even if doing so isn't accurate.

Most importantly, LOVE is the healer--flowing the love from one's heart center as the Divine energy flows through the instrument for others. No attachment, just unconditional love.
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