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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


April 11, 2012

Email Received: I'm sending you this little video from ABC News. This is pretty surprising seeing teen age girls doing exorcisms. There's two other links to videos of other people who were badly possessed by demons. Shows the actual casting out of them. I never have witnessed anything like this before except in the movies.

Response: This is about a five-minute ABC News video with the link: http://abcnews.go.com/US/teen-girl-exorcism-squad-arizona-girls-claim-cast. If you’re interested, you can probably find it for a few weeks after this date. I watched it. Actually, it’s mild compared to some of the staged exorcisms casting out of demons shown on television. The girls assist the father of one of them who is a minister. I was not surprised by the contents of the video. I totally support what they are doing, although demons can be cast out/removed in other ways.

“Demons” is from an ancient Greek word “daemons” that meant “spirits”--good and bad. I use the term “demons of darkness” to differentiate them from other types of spirits. The minister claimed that about 50% of people have demons. My research shows that is about right. However, people tend to lump demons of darkness all together as one type but, as they said in the clip, there are many types of demons of darkness with varying powers and strength and focus. Some people, especially fundamentalist Christian people, call any spirit that doesn’t look like humans a demon when there are many life forms that don’t look human that definitely don’t have evil intent. An important thing to note is that usually the demons are working on the person, the incarnated soul, rather than wanting to harm other people through the person. Their impact can be minor or major.

Some demons stay hidden until layers of other contaminants and corruptions are cleared away. Over twenty years ago, I briefly knew an unusual guy who claimed that most people in mental hospitals just needed an orgasm (kundalini release), and he worked in an institution a while and healed “the mental illness” of some women with s _ x to confirm his hypothesis. However, on the average, about 50% of people in mental institutions have demons of darkness who have put them there/caused their confinement. In other words, exorcisms would heal their mental illness.

Interesting subject that is not as “cut and dried” as some people want to make it. And most people are in denial about the possibility of so-called “demonic possession”—or even a possession by other types of spirits (and all possessions can be from 5% to 95%). When I hear or read the words of someone in denial about so-called “demonic possession,” such as the man interviewing the minister and the girls in this video, I just smile. The truth will set you free.

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