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Thursday, April 19, 2012


April 19, 2012

In the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung, “personas” reflect the roles in life an individual is playing (according to Merriam-Webster dictionary). A persona is one of the facades a person presents to the world.

Erving Goffman in his book, “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” (New York: Anchor Books, 1959): “In the study of communication, persona is a term given to describe the versions of self that all individuals possess [emphasis added]. Behaviours are selected according to the desired impression an individual wishes to create when interacting with other people. A person may inhabit various social roles through intentional or unintentional expression of behaviors and appearances [emphasis added] that convey meanings maintaining these roles during social interactions.”

Recently I was presented by a curious man with three photos of his love-mate taken within a three-month span of time. In one, she was with family members in a group photo. In another, she was “dressed for success” in business attire. There was a slight facial resemblance between the woman in these two photos but obvious differences. There was a third photo, an informal photo of what he called his “artist.” This one seemed to be of an entirely different person until compared carefully with the other two photos.

I’ve seen this in other people who have two or more roles in life that are significantly different. In fact, different personas of my own self are recognizable in photos. In my case, and in the case of some other people of whom I’m aware, it’s a matter of frequency of vibration. When my photo is taken with other people—whether family or friends, my appearance varies. I also happen to be an “empath”—which brings both challenges and blessings, which means it is easy for me to pick up the energies of others and blend (especially when there is a resonancy). My old Merriam-Webster defines “empathy” as “the capacity for participation in another’s feelings and ideas.” In these times, it has also come to mean unintentional blending of energies with another person. Another word I use related to this is “permeability.” The more permeable one’s energy field, the more easily one will pick up and even carry the energies of others. Someone with high permeability can sound like the person he just had a long telephone conversation with and will hear words such as, “You sound just like your mother.” After being in the presence of another person in intimate conversation or physical intimacy, a person with high permeability can even notice that he looks a little like that other person. And who hasn’t seen the photos of people who look like their pets?

People who have studied and/or interacted with people with certified Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), find that the difference in the various personas can be striking. They truly are totally different people. Some researchers (both professional and non-professional) have found that some of the different personas in such cases are attached spirits. My studies have me convinced that most of the personas are actual facets of the same soul (which actually can fragment, by the way). Every life a soul has lived/is living (depending on one's perspective) had/has its own appearance and persona(s). There have been many reports of actors "becoming" the characters they play in stage productions over several weeks, months, or years, unable to totally revert back to their non-stage personas when not performing. One possible explanation for this is that the character closely resembles one or more of the actor's soul facets.

When facilitating exploration of soul lives to help a person uncover information which would be helpful in the understanding and healing of the present life, I’ve noticed changes in appearance and mannerisms and even voices. From time to time, the soul facet will use a different language and has to be reminded to use a language the person seeking assistance can understand. However, in some cases when another language comes out of the mouth, it is a spirit attachment.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to differentiate between facets of the seeker’s soul and facets of other souls and “earthbound spirits.” These may have attached in the present life or attached in another life and hitchhiked from one soul life to another.

I don’t want to end this piece without touching upon how the various soul facets can shift and express their preferences without most people taking notice. Once one has become aware by reading on the subject, one will be more apt to notice such shifts. Differences in soul preferences can explain a lot—including sabotage of careers, relationships, etc. (As long as it’s not life-threatening or life-sabotaging, it isn’t disease.) When analyzing a person’s issues of concern/problems, we usually measure in degrees and percentages. Results can provide clarity and offer solutions and even effect compromise among soul facets. Most every person can think of a circumstance where he mostly wanted to do something or be with someone, but part of him/her most definitely did not. And who hasn’t “unconsciously” eaten a large quantity of a food that one usually doesn’t desire at all? The longer a person has lived, the more of such things one will recall (assuming the memory hasn’t been diminished with age, of course). Think about it.

This is a loose summary—not an in-depth report. As one might expect, there is much information available in books, magazines, and articles by numerous researchers and interested persons.

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