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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


April 17, 2012

A year or two ago, a supporter wrote me in amazement that his new dog (#3) was behaving exactly like his dog who had gone to doggie heaven months before. New dog insisted on sleeping in the exact same place with the same blanket as old dog had preferred and stood his ground against two dogs already in residence. New dog went straight to old dog’s toys and played with them in the same way. There were lots of other sameness and similarities between new dog and old dog. So this supporter asked me if new dog was the reincarnation of old dog. I confirmed that the spirit of old dog was in the new dog. He conferred with a pet psychic who gave more information.

In recent weeks, this supporter expressed some concerns about the wellbeing of new dog to me and I checked him out. I could no longer find the spirit of old dog in new dog’s body. What I discovered was that there were not two but three doggie spirits had been using that body, moving in and out at will, and were not in it 100% of the time (which happens similarly for humans). I doubted that old dog would return. Provided some other pertinent information, so I guess you could say I gave an unofficial “pet reading.” The supporter wondered who the third dog spirit was and consulted with his pet psychic again. Pet psychic confirmed the three spirits and reported that one was the dog father of old dog who had long ago gone to doggie heaven. The pet psychic also confirmed the information about humans, which the supporter had difficulty understanding when I provided it.

Simply put, for each life a soul has ever lived, there is a soul facet, and each soul is an aspect of an oversoul group. There is interaction between soul facets and the members of oversoul families. As souls awaken and evolve and become aware of their multidimensionality (which I and others call Multidimensional Soul Self), they recognize various facets of their own selves, which can be said (for simplicity’s sake) to be rotating in and out. Some are constantly available and often serve as guidance counselors and offer input. A human body-mind unit usually hosts one soul, but dual residency can also be found. This can be agreed upon in the planning stages of a soul’s incarnation, or there can be an emergency situation develop where another soul is needed.

In addition, there are other life forms who are hosted by human body-mind units, although in a looser, more informal fashion. These have more freedom to move in and out and can include angels (of one realm or another), fairies, elves, cetaceans (dolphins and whales), so-called extraterrestrial life forms, and more. We check for the various types of lifestreams being hosted in both the Basic Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis and the In-Depth Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.

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