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Thursday, May 10, 2012


May 10, 2012

I’m sharing a new handout process here in order to emphasize the importance of Divine Source connection. Comments follow.


The Divine High Self  aka Divine Spirit of most adults is above a person rather than in the heart center where it began at incarnation.   To make sure your Divine Spirit is in your heart center, imagine it above your head, as most people tend to do, as a ball of glowing light.  Then state your intent to move your Divine Spirit into your heart center and imagine it moving through the crown of your body down into your heart center (not the physical heart but the energy wheel chakra along the spine).   Most people feel a difference—from a little to a lot.   Once your High Self has returned to its rightful place, you might call it your Inner Divine Spirit rather than Divine High Self—whatever your preference.

I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this is! It assists people in getting "up close and personal," so to speak, with God/Divine. Many find it easier to communicate with Divine/God when knowing and sensing Divine in the heart in this way rather than some guy in white robes with a white beard up there or out there somewhere (although they try).  I recommend communicating with Inner Divine Spirit like children talk to their invisible friends and like one would with one's very best friend. And Divine will guide—if the mind is quieted in preparation to receive.  

If you are experiencing interference with your thoughts, emotions and energy, or if you want to clear and tune up your energy, you can expand the Light of your Inner Divine Spirit out into your auric egg (3’ to 6’ around the body in all directions) using your breathing, making sure the abdomen expands when breathing in and contracts when breathing out.  Full body breathing is excellent for this. You first state intent, for example:  “I Am [name]. I Am that I Am. With the power and light and love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am transmuting all darkness within me and mine into light now.”  (This includes the light energy bodies/auric egg.)  Or, “With the power and light and love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am increasing my light to optimal now.”  Or, “With the power and light and love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am increasing my frequency resonance vibration to optimal now.”  You get the idea!

This process assists people with establishing and maintaining Divine Source/God connection and communion.  Many find it easier to communicate with Divine Source/God when knowing and sensing Divine Source/God in the heart in this way rather than trying to connect with the stereotypical image of a man in white robes with a white beard up there or out there somewhere (although they try). It's like that "walking and talking with Jesus" thing that people report. Been there, done that--a long, long time ago. Now Jesus the Christ has ascended in my consciousness to join Divine Source/God and is no longer separate in my reality. Divine Source/God dwells within my heart. Christ dwells within my heart. So communicating with Inner Divine Spirit like children talk to their invisible friends and communicating with Inner Divine Spirit like one would with one's very best friend is what I recommend to people. And Divine Source/God will guide us--if we quiet our minds to enable Divine/God to "get a word in edgewise."

Received an email this morning from someone who is very financially stressed, which I will excerpt here: I don't know if my car will pass inspection because it has a hole in the exhaust system, which can cause my car to not pass the test. I am asking my spiritual support team to block the hole temporarily until I get through the test. Seems you once wrote me of some beings who help you with problems with your vehicles. Could you please tell me who to call on for help with this situation? I appreciate any help you can give me for this. Thank you.

Response:  If you have consciously intended for your High Self (your Divine)  to reside in your heart center (its rightful place rather than above the head) as I and others have been recommending, then you communicate with your Inner Divine Spirit, which is Divine in you and your link to Divine Source/God.  You call on your Divine Support Team in all circumstances by first communicating with Divine in you what your needs/wants are (and why) and asking. You can use the term “Divine Support Team” when asking or “My Divine.”  As supporters of my ministry know, I often use the words “You All” in requests.  In Divine we live, we move, and we have our being. Just this morning in the bathtub I was thanking "my Divine" and feeling the love and gratitude in my heart.  Ask for what you want (for your car to pass inspection--not to mention the exhaust system specifically because there may be other issues you don’ t know about) and then give thanks in advance, knowing all is in Divine order. Start focusing on your own Divine, which is Divine Source in you. Asking a bunch of other beings is "idol worship."  However, asking one every now and then in special circumstances can be very important, but to ask beings like Archangel Michael and Mother Mary for your car to pass inspection is disrespectful.   Just ask Divine/God, and let Divine/God delegate and deal with it—which often includes guidance and instructions as to how one is to proceed.  (Sometimes intervention isn’t forthcoming, in which case one is to accept and to take whatever actions are needed to solve a problem.)

There are reasons one might feel disconnected or cut off from Divine Source/God.  Many times people actually are—to some degree. Spending a few minutes every day in the silence, quietly “hungering and seeking after God” is the most important step one can take for maintenance of Divine Connection.  Many times over the course of a lifetime, “normal wear and tear” can be responsible for poor Divine connection.  Disease in the physical body and trauma to the light body can cause weak or unstable connections with Divine Source/God.  Among the areas we address in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process that can be involved when Divine connection seems to be weak or nonexistent are:  soul cord and soul cord pathway and central vertical channel corruption, contaminants, and blockages—including soul cord braids; astral level entities and spirits of deceased human bodies stuck/trapped; blocks and interferences placed by people engaged in the dark arts, and dark side entities; spiritual intrusions; light body and energy wheel chakra damage, contamination, and blockages; damaged and disconnected circuits; cords and extensions from other people one has been entangled with in some form or fashion. There are other reasons for weak Divine connection that we address in the DRH Process as well.

Decorruption and decontamination and restoration are important and being as clear as possible at all times (and 100% isn’t possible at this level of existence) is crucial to one’s overall wellbeing. Some people do well with undergoing the Divine Reconnective Healing Process once a year. Others request it twice a year.  And there are busy people who turn to the Angel-Light Team for decorruption, decontamination, and restoration via the DRH Process three times a year. People and circumstances vary and needs are different.  

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator