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Monday, May 07, 2012


May 7, 2012

Physical issues can show up once in a lifetime or sporadically over a lifetime or even be lifetime issues—such as cerebral palsy.  Those who set out to heal the present life often find that the issue is related to other soul lives, and once one layer of issues is healed and cleared, another layer is exposed.  People and places and situations can bring up issues for healing and clearing.

Poor eyesight has been a lifetime issue for my senior citizen body.  The eyes had been itching in recent weeks (allergies, I assumed) and began burning recently as I was in the process of reading a book about soul/spiritual healing which included case studies. It occurred to me that it was a good time to explore root causes of the poor eyesight using methods I had used many times for myself and others over the past 25 or so years.

I took some deep, abdominal breaths with eyes closed, and then instructed myself to go to the source of the poor eyesight.  I saw (faintly) several men with shovels standing around a large pit that was mostly square. The men wore hats and seemed to be dressed in clothing of the first half of the 20th century or last half of the 19th century.  Then I saw a big cat’s head and paws looking at me over the edge of the pit. I assumed the cat was in the pit, but I might have fallen into the pit and the cat jumped in.  What happened was that the cat clawed at my eyes. 

I did the same process the next day, instructing myself to go to the source of the burning eyes.  I saw my eyes being poked out with a branch of wood on fire or metal poker of some sort.   

Often, just having the cause being revealed will alleviate symptoms or eliminate the issue entirely—either over time or even immediately.  Other times, one has to fully experience the incident in order to get full healing.  It is always important to forgive the perpetrators.  One can also ask one’s High Self/Inner Divine Spirit to reveal the faces of the perpetrators in the present life, which usually happens if they have been known in the present life. One is to also ask one’s High Self/Inner Divine Spirit if there is anything else one needs to know about the incident. Lastly, one is to heal and clear all negative effects of the incident in the present life. One will often find there are several underlying causes of a particular symptom (which are revealed individually if one continues to ask).  Ones experience the causes in various ways.  Some of us are more clairaudient than others of us, some more clairsentient, and some more clairvoyant, etc.

Some of us can do this and other processes for ourselves. Others of us benefit from having a facilitator assist.  We have assisted many people with discovery of root causes over the years.

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Angel-Light Love
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