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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


June 20, 2012

After writing a person new to the ministry today, I decided to share part of it on this site.  Here goes.

Just got to tell you, "Happiness is an inside job." Or maybe it was for me. Either way--or both--is fine. :-D  That means we decorrupt, decontaminate, and restore our energies and consciousness to make it easier for us to create our own happiness. I'll add, "As within, so without." If we're carrying other people's stuff or if negativity sent to us is lodged in our energies (along with a host of other possible contaminants), it can be a difficult to achieve and maintain wellbeing and achieve our goals.

The past is past and we cannot stay even 5% in victimhood. We're responsible for what we create now. We can choose to release the past and let it go. Keeping the body and energy moving and breathing correctly are so important. Even people in wheelchairs and poor health can start by finger-dancing and move on to more flexibility and better health from there.

I cannot emphasize enough how much decorrupting, decontaminating, and restoring are vital to one's overall wellbeing. The average person doesn't have a clue as to the degree we're contaminated at this level of existence. I've had people over the years who didn't have any particular issues they could identify who ended up very pleased at the improvement in their wellbeing--which is why they keep coming back once a year or even more to undergo the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (DRH Process) again. Contamination reoccurs by virtue of living as human at this level of existence.  It’s par for the course. 

As long as we take some responsibility for our own healing and wellbeing, it’s perfectly acceptable to avail ourselves of the assistance of others—whether medical doctors, spiritual/energy healers, or whoever.

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator