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Friday, June 22, 2012


June 22, 2012

I have laughed aloud and shed tears at the same time when reading and rereading Denise Le Fay’s February 22, 2012 “Transitions” blog post titled “Ascension & Earning Money” [http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/ 2012/02-22/ascension-earning-money/] because it describes an aspect of my life from the time I awoke in this body in the 1980s with a knowing that I had a mission and began preparing to dedicate myself wholly to it (as much as humanly possible, anyway).

In this post, Denise responds to an inquiry, as I so often do on my site. Here’s a portion of the inquiry of Valerie, with my additions in brackets  and ellipses where I have left out some words to shorten: “. . . It seems that many of us lightworkers/starseeds/wayshowers etc. have been moved around, suffered all these [ascension] symptoms and wondered if we were going crazy, have been alienated by those still asleep [unawakened--or less awakened to what is beyond and what is really going on], and overall have felt that we do not belong anywhere and have no idea how to proceed into the future [emphasis added because I really resonate with this at this time] . . . yet here we are trying to figure it all out. [I’ve given up trying to ‘figure it all out’ and just continue to serve as opportunities present themselves.] With all that going on in our lives, for some of us now going on 20 years, it seems that most of us have another issue to deal with and no one really talks about it, so I am going to ask you to please enlighten me/us on the topic of financially struggling just to survive. I read a lot of sites, and those asking this question rarely get an answer of any substance. . . . It has been just baffling to me that no matter how hard I work, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I meditate on it and ask for guidance of my higher self and my spirit guide, I cannot break free from it. In fact it just gets worse and the hits just keep on coming and, like I have indicated, it seems that the majority of us [who are] aware of and/or working on ascension [on behalf of humanity] are going through this. Please tell me/us why! I am doing something wrong? I take responsibility for my beliefs, . . . . I am just tired of it, and I really would like a detailed answer to why we must continue to financially struggle. I am exhausted, like many of us here, and I don’t know how much more I can take. Thanks for listening.”

Excerpts from the comments of Denise in response: . . . Those of us who've been living--transmuting and embodying--the Ascension Process the longest are the ones who've had the hardest time being able to earn money to survive each month. . . . We set up pre-incarnational situations for ourselves so we could live/embody/anchor the Ascension Process in 3D physically but not end up having to live under some freeway over-ramp or starve or freeze while doing so! At that level [higher-vibrational existence] we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting ourselves into (kind of) before we incarnated or reincarnated into these current lives and time, and we covered our physical butts (in multiple ways) to help us be able to do what we Volunteered to do here on Earth now. But, as we all know, doing something in dense physicality is a very different thing from planning to do it from those non-physical higher dimensions!

We Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers Volunteered to come to 3D Earth physicality now to provide an energetic way out of the madness and negativity that physical life has become over the past few thousand years. We came to carve a Path of Light out of the darkness and negativity, the greed, insanity, distortion, and vampirism. We Volunteered to incarnate physically and "go where Angels fear to tread" to help humanity and all life on Earth and Earth herself and so much more. We did not do this to perpetuate or improve the Goddess/females/feminine/Earth-hating patriarchy and their negative, corrupt systems--one of which is money and how it's been used to control and derail humanity.

In most of our cases we're living through our Ascension Process doing all we do, and for the most part, barely getting by financially. Many of us created pre-incarnational spiritual living arrangements and working conditions with certain other people and/or mates who would help us and/or financially support us while we do the Alchemical transmuting of the old and embodying of the new first. (I've often suggested to people who've questioned me about this money problem while struggling with the Ascension Process, that they try to share living expenses with someone--roommates, family, friends etc.--they can tolerate and trust while they themselves transmute and embody the ascension energies for humanity.) It's amazed me how there was, and still is in some circles, a big push by some so-called spiritual teachers/writers/lecturers to learn how to attract wealth and/or abundance while the twenty-five year long Ascension Process has been happening (1987 to the end of 2012). . . . We're here to carve an energetic and consciousness Path to a vastly higher and better way for everyone, and sooner rather than later, money will NOT be in the picture at all because we're evolving beyond it.

. . . So how does one live with a foot in two worlds and dimensions that are profoundly different from each other? [Oh, so different!] We've all struggled with this issue since our individual biological Ascension Processes started. There are numerous reasons why each of us experience whatever it is that we have concerning not having money or enough money to live during the Ascension Process (1987–the end of 2012). . . . Because this global monetary system is a 3D-based system, it can't and won't exist in a vastly more evolved 5D world and consciousness. So until we reach our goal, which is closer now than ever before, find a roommate or housemate or family or friends etc. that are willing to help you with your monthly living expenses. If you can move in with someone or have them move in with you then do so and everyone contributes what they can to the monthly bills. . . . At first this may seem like a negative situation but it's the transition into High Heart or Unity Consciousness manifesting within the masses and society at the close of the twenty-five year long Ascension Process. [Copyright © 2012–2013 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved.]

Denise’s lengthy post shares important information, and you are encouraged to read it at: http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/ascension-earning-money. 

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