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Saturday, June 23, 2012


June 23, 2012

As a result of posting “Lightworkers—Starseeds on Mission” yesterday, I thought again of the words of Paramahansa Yogananda: "If you have unconditional love for God [Divine], God [Divine] drops thoughts in others' brains, and they become instruments to fulfill even your unspoken desires. So divine magnetism, by which you can attract anything unto yourself, is the kind of attractiveness you want to develop. . . ."  The August 8, 2005 post titled “God-Dropped Thoughts” expands on this.

To continue with the subject of yesterday’s post, “Lightworkers—Starseeds on Mission,” I haven’t had such a difficult time making ends meet as others describe for a few years now because of being of the age to receive retirement/social security/old age pension (called by various names in different countries around the world).  Yes, this person had years of employment, paying into the Social Security system, and now receives a stipend as a result—more than some, less than others—below the average.  It is insufficient, so this starseed lightworker on mission, like so many others, requires additional support. 

I began seeing the evidence of “God/Divine-dropped thoughts” in 1987 after the marriage ended as planned and I was living alone—with “a foot in both worlds,” so to speak, dabbling in my ministry (until 1990 when it became official).  I had a vision of a check made out to me for over $1,000 and guidance was that someone was going to give me that check.  My first response to Divine Spirit was, “Oh, no!  I couldn’t accept that!”  Well, I instantly gave myself a good verbal “slap in the face” after I realized that was a gift from Divine. Sure enough, someone was referred to me who, after several sessions, pulled out a check made to me in the amount of $1,300 (in appreciation for Healing Love Energy).  She explained that she practiced the tithing principle, and she was giving that tithe (of a large amount of money received) to me.  Fortunately, since I had already been notified that it was coming through someone, I graciously accepted and thanked her.  Since she had tithed, I decided to give 10% of her tithe away, too, and promptly purchased money orders in various amounts.  One was for $100 for my spiritual teacher at the time (mostly by her example).  After all the money orders were delivered except hers, I discovered an extra $25 money order and wondered who/what it was for.   As I waited outside the room where she was in session, I received guidance that I was to also give her that money order.  So when she became available, I shared the story of the check and money orders and presented her with both. She said gratefully, “I was wondering how I was going to pay my American Express bill.”   That is how she lived.  In the following few years, she continued to teach me by example, peacefully trusting that her needs would be met--even when faced with utility cut-off warnings.

And that is how I lived (mostly) during the 1990s (“traveling angel” lifestyle), with Peace Pilgrim as one of my role models—despite criticism from money-focused people. Admittedly, there were times when I succumbed and asked for money for services, but I wasn’t happy so doing.  I learned during those years that people would thank me profusely for assistance and then go spend money on expensive hairdos, cruises, etc.  “Thank you’s” didn’t meet my expenses.  I also learned that there were people of the frame of mind that spiritual services should be free (and I somewhat shared that view).  And some people didn’t “get” me or recognize me at all (although many, many did).  I had quite an education!  A lot of the financial difficulties were because I needed to face the reality of how this capitalist society functions (so unlike “home”).  As I was learning, I reluctantly began making changes in how I ministered and functioned, although I struggled with this for years. I wanted to be supported totally by donations, but most people couldn’t quite grasp how that worked and wanted dollar amounts presented to them.  I had to get on the boat or sink. 

Nevertheless, throughout the 1990s, there were numerous examples of God/Divine-dropped thoughts that validated my reality that my needs would be met as I went about my assigned and accepted mission at this level of existence.  Once a supporter purchased a new car and gave me his old car (at a time when I was without one). He said I could either drive it or sell it and suggested a price range.  It was a standard transmission/stick shift and had an engine cooling issue that hadn’t been resolved, so I sold it.  Another time, after I had made two payments (small) out of a dozen or so to an individual for his old car (and he had a new one), he gave me the title to it and said I didn’t even have to pay him for it. However, he quickly got into fear and said that, yes, he did want me to pay for it, but only when I was able.  That’s an example of a God/Divine-dropped thought not fully effective.  Another time a supporter who was moving out of state and had converted her assets to cash gave me $700 toward the used van I was searching for (and eventually got after the car I had was totalled by a guy running a stop/red traffic signal). I could go on and on and on with examples of God/Divine-dropped thoughts in support of my ministry.  I have been very blessed and continue to be blessed!

In retrospect, I have recognized that my divine magnetism began diminishing because of standing up and confronting the dark side in the battle for human souls.  This aspect of my ministry increased in volume and intensity in the 2000s. I could write a book!   I have found that when I focus on increasing my radiation of Divine light energy, I sometimes get more negative attention from people who carry a lot of dark energy, but I also receive more positive attention from people who are sufficiently spiritually attuned and aligned with the light to receive and act upon God/Divine-dropped thoughts!

It has been quite a journey!

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