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Sunday, June 10, 2012


June 10, 2012

I read the term “soul inversion” (for the first time I can recall) in Lisa Renee’s June 6 newsletter titled, “Life Review.”  To quote Lisa in the section titled, “Egypt Timelines and 2D Elemental Body Consciousness”:  “In the timelines of Egypt, as well as subsequent abuse of ‘alien’ technology to open portals in the 2D Underworld (which created time and space rips) manifested incredible damage to the planet and her elemental and nature kingdoms.  The damage made to the planetary field created multiple problems with human soul fragments, soul inversion, subconscious shadow personalities, and alien manipulation of these vulnerabilities.”   Curious and want to know more?  Read the entire newsletter at www.energeticsynthesis.com.  I regard Lisa Renee and her work highly.

I wanted to know exactly what the term “soul inversion” means and did an Internet search. First thing I discovered is that it is the name of a video game, and there are many entries related to the game.  Not what I was looking for!  Fortunately, when I looked for “soul inversion Lisa Renee,” other entries came up that were more along the line of what I was seeking.  What I discovered that “soul inversion” is also called “homo _ _ _ uality.”  (I’m writing the word in this way because some public systems block access to sites and/or articles using certain words.)  I don’t know if this is exactly what Lisa is referring to in the newsletter, but it is an interesting subject, so I’m writing.

I found in my time-consuming search and conferencing with my Team that the term “soul inversion” often refers to a soul who considers himself/herself one s _ x and finds himself/herself in a body of the opposite s _ x.  Many people have assumed all cases of homo _ _ _ uality” are because of this, when it is actually not the case. When I read or hear about someone who is s _ x ually confused and is having or has had s _ x change surgery, such as Chastity/Chas Bono in recent years, my first thought is, “Gosh, I wish he/she had first experienced some sessions with a spiritual healer competent in spirit release therapy before starting that transition.”  Why? Because many such cases are caused by spirit attachment in the extreme sense of the word—like possession, occupation, and use.  There are spirits who are earthbound who can be responsible for this.  In fact, I have read of people who, years after s _ x change surgery, regret it and, once again, feel one s _ x in the body of the opposite s _ x.  Several years ago, I facilitated several sessions for a gal who sought assistance because she had lost desire for her husband. The first step always is to release attached spirits who are illegally with the body.  Found over 200 and released them. We discovered that some male spirits were sabotaging that relationship. By the time we had finished with that, her desire for her husband had returned.

About 20 years ago, I met two love-mates in female bodies who had set up a very nice home environment for themselves and their many friends.  They wanted to explore other lives where they may have been involved. The very masculine female already had experienced recall of one or more of these.  We facilitated a joint session for the two and so many things came up that were applicable and informative.  The life most impacting the present life was one where the masculine female was a male coal miner in the USA, and had fathered several children with the current love-mate.  I don’t recall all the details, but the wisdom gained is that the he/she was on a mission to make amends to his/her current love-mate for abandoning her or dying young in that life, leaving her in extreme poverty. 

At the end of the session, we eased into a search for attached earthbound spirits. It was an interesting exploration and loving discovery time.  Unfortunately, the person in control of his/her body actually reached out and grabbed two of these spirits to keep them from leaving.  I’ve left out a lot of information, but it was clear to me that an earthbound spirit had taken over that female body for his own use—to be close to the love-mate.  I didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak. The session had already been a long one.  He/She/They liked things just the way they were. 

Also, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) aka Multipersonality Disorder (MPD) can be a cause.  If you’ve ever sat down to have a long conversation with someone such as this, you know what I mean.  Seeing the body shift from giving female motions/vibes to male can be startling.  DID/MPD can also be caused (at least partially) by spirit attachments. Integration of the various personalities is the therapy. Sufficient integration (and there are degrees of integration) can move a person from dis-ease into wellness.  However, in my opinion, spirit attachment/possession is to be investigated first or one is missing an important piece of the puzzle.  We have facilitated release of attached spirits a few times when given the opportunity by ones with DID/MPD.

We all have several major and minor/sub personalities.  It’s only when there is confusion and sabotage of the life that it becomes disease.  Otherwise, one’s various personalities can be very beneficial to the life.  I’ve written about this before on this site. You’ll find relevant articles written this year and posted on the site titled, “Personas & Soul Facets” (April 19, 2012) and “Facets—Here, There, Everywhere” (March 2, 2012). There are some posted in 2011 and more in previous years.   Mental health professionals have published their research and experiences on this subject. 

The soul has many facets/faces based on the lives the soul has lived.  Some of us have the ability to find information about our other lives and the lives of other people. From time to time, when looking at a person’s photo, different faces flash before my eyes like a slide presentation—one right after the other.  It’s fascinating. 

This piece is NOT to imply that gender confusion, soul inversion, etc. is dis-ease.  However, a very important question to ask when working with people with s _ xual confusion and/or soul inversion is: “What is the soul’s intention for this life?”  Next is, “Has the soul’s intention been subverted, and how much and by whom/what?”

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Angel-Light Love
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