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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


June 26, 2012

The daughter of an acquaintance has been suffering from migraine headaches this year and is currently undergoing testing in an effort to determine the cause. In the last week, there was an area suburban middle-class woman who suffers from migraine headaches who went missing from her home for 2 ½ days.  When last seen, she complained of nausea and head pain and went to the back yard of her home to sit, which she did often--where they found her cell phone and other items on the day she went missing.  She was severely dehydrated and confused when someone noticed her at our regional airport 2 ½ days later, and she had no idea how she had gotten there—so many miles away from home.  After watching her husband inform the media (on television) that she had been found and was safely home resting (after undergoing re-hydration, etc. in the hospital), I thought of similar cases and people I have known who have suffered from migraines in the past and wondered about the underlying spiritual causes.  Conferenced with Angel-Light Team and got on the Internet.

When looking for the spiritual causes of migraines, I came across spiritual causes of other diseases, too.  I’m familiar with some of them, and have forgotten other information gained over the years.  After all, I’m not a “walking encyclopedia,” although studying and learning has always been very important to me.  Some people who have published information on the spiritual causes of diseases have more of a Biblical perspective; others have a metaphysical leaning.   All perspectives are worth examining.  One disease I’ve researched a lot over the years is epilepsy.  The Biblical perspective people claim it is caused by evil spirits and demons which need to be cast out.  However, there are brain deformities which can interfere with the firing of the neurons and functioning of the brain which can be responsible, too.  Louise Hay (of Hay House, a book publisher), and many others of a metaphysical persuasion, claim that  the spiritual causes of epilepsy can be a sense of persecution, rejection of life, and a feeling of great struggle.  So it can be important to explore a wide range of opinions before making assumptions and drawing conclusions.

According to Louise Hay and others, the spiritual causes of migraines can be resisting the flow of life, s_xual fears and tension, and dislike of being driven (pushed to do things). Headaches in general are said to be about sef-criticism.

In my Internet search about migraines, I found many causes of migraine headaches include hormones, especially menopausal woman and children undergoing puberty.  I came across a very revealing article with illustrations concerning a female in the Orient who had suffered from migraine headaches for many years.  Her history and info about various ways she had sought to obtain relief—both traditional and modern--were presented.  (I so love reading case studies!)   There were drawings illustrating what a skilled energy/spiritual diagnostician found in her energies and described to the healer. The diagnostician claimed demons of darkness/evil spirits/etc. (called by several names—even in that country) were the cause, and made drawings of what he found. The healer then did research.  There was so much info that I couldn’t absorb it all at one sitting.  I was familiar with a lot of it, but the information revealed some new info about what these perpetrators can do and how they go about it and why—some of it intricate and even complicated.  I actually did more research on things described in the article.

Of course, I made notes and conferenced with the Team again, confirming that  we had some things  already covered in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (DRH Process) and needed to add a few others, clarifying the exact wording/description, etc.  After writing down the new items, one by one, we began the work for current supporters as needed and allowed.  With spiritual and energy healing, some results come immediately, but others take weeks.  We usually complete  the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (DRH Process) for people new to the ministry in twelve weeks.

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Angel-Light Love
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