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Sunday, July 29, 2012


July 29, 2012

Thanks to Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland” recent newsletter, I read some on the site of Robert Stanley (www.unicusmagazine.com), who was a recent guest on the “Dreamland” program.  Now I don’t necessarily agree 100% with everything I read and share, and I often find that “full pictures” of the subject matter haven’t been presented as I would have preferred (or it’s possible I just know more on some subjects through my research and experience over 25+ years).

In the article titled, “Exposing the Dark Overlords” (recommended), Stanley shares an excerpt from one of Carlos Castenada’s books, “The Active Side of Infinity,” in which Don Juan is teaching. (Carlos Castenada’s books are fiction, but are known to carry much truth.)  He asks his pupil to look out of the corners of his eyes for “fleeting black shadows” in their environment.  I’m familiar with those “fleeting black shadows,” and some of my supporters have gotten glimpses of them as well.  According to Don Juan, these predators place their minds in our minds and can inject into our minds whatever they wish. Yes, and they wish to upset us so that we’ll create negative energy for them to consume.  In the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, these are called “feeder entities.”

Don Juan describes the cocoon of energy that humans have.  This is called the “auric egg” by many who are aware of it and can see it and is composed of one’s light energy bodies.  The auric egg can become damaged and depleted. Oddly enough, excessive smoking of marijuana is one major cause of this. A damaged and permeable auric egg makes one more susceptible to invading energies.  So repairs and maintenance are so important (as is not engaging in activities that damage it).  We make repairs during the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, but they cannot be construed to be permanent.  Don Juan describes a cover over our “cocoons of energy”/auric egg, a “glowing cloak of awareness,”  saying that is what “the flyers” consume, and that we are to discipline ourselves to the point where they will not touch us. I don’ t know about this cover; the book is fiction, after all. (Smile.)

I have been aware for several years now of what is called “feeder entities” who feed off the emotional energy of humans and do whatever they can to upset us so that we will create more food for them.  That is why centeredness and a calm demeanor are so important, and why it is so difficult for people who are very emotional by nature to get on an even keel over the long haul.  One can assume, using Don Juan’s term, that keeping one’s “glowing cloak of awareness” at optimal strength and in top condition is essential. Don Juan says that If “the flyers” don't eat one’s “glowing coat of awareness” for a while, it will keep on growing.  He says that discipline and practicing inner silence causes the “foreign installation”/foreign mind to flee, and that the “alien mind control” of the flyers continues to come back and flee until one day it never returns—because of one’s discipline of “inner silence” and, importantly, refusing to honor an agreement to be food for these “flyers” that one didn’t participate in.  Don Juan says that “the flyers” can be driven away forever if one will grab onto “the vibrating force that holds us together as a conglomerate of energy fields,” and if that pressure is maintained long enough, the flyers' mind flees in defeat.

I don’t know exactly what Don Juan means by that vibration force. I’ll have to think about that. (If readers want to enlighten me, please feel free.) The purpose of this piece has been to educate about “the flyers”/energy feeders and the importance of maintaining the integrity of one’s energy cocoon.

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