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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


July 31, 2012

On November 19, 2011, we posted a lengthy piece titled, “Psychic Self-Defense” to this site.  The reader may want to find that article in the archives and read or reread it before reading this.  (The archives list can be found on the right side of home page.)

In recent weeks, I have been having some visitations from beings/entities/life forms I don’t remember having dealt with before—beings with negative agendas toward me. When engaging in the spiritual healing aspect of my ministry, we sometimes find some “big, powerful, dark entities” working on people who have sought our assistance. They are not pleased, to say the least, when we set out to put a stop to their shenanigans. If we’re asked to assist, and if a person’s karmic board allows the assistance, we address the issues.  And sometimes there are personal visitations from such entities who do not appreciate what they view as interference to their agendas.

Anyway, when I sensed some “unwanted guests” recently, I found myself in front of one of my bookcases, and my eyes fell on one of Dione Fortune’s books titled “Psychic Self-Defense,” which the reader can learn more about by reading the article recommended in the first paragraph above.  I opened the book at a point I had marked with a sticky note and read what I had drawn a line around and starred.  It was then I realized that creating an invocation including Dione Fortune’s recommendation was a very good idea.  According to Dione, invoking Christ covers one type of booger, and invoking Creator covers another type—both being necessary.  (Holy Spirit isn’t to be invoked, because Holy Spirit is only for initiations.)

The following is recommended for those who feel a need (and there are obviously many who do):  “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am.  I invoke Christ Divine, and I invoke Christ Michael the Archangel, and I invoke Divine Creator Source who reigns supreme over all that is seen and unseen, visible and invisible, invoking your presence and protection and defense of me and mine from all violations, abuse, and attacks, including those by evil spirits, demons of darkness, negative alien parasites, life forms with negative and hostile agendas, and adversaries—at all times—now.”

For those who may be concerned about the word “invoke,” it’s just a stronger form of asking and, frankly, gets the attention of the heavenlies faster than just asking.

After we had conferenced and settled on the above invocation, I spoke it aloud from my center (not the solar plexus) without anger.  (Did you know that anger originating in the solar plexus throws away one’s power?)  Almost immediately, ones I call “stinkies” left, and my area continued to clear.  Considering that I engage in spiritual healing, I intend to speak it at least once daily, and I’m thinking about putting it on the refrigerator and bathroom mirror and a few more places.

A word of caution:  If you are in the habit of getting angry and yelling and cussing and having confrontations with people and thinking hateful thoughts about others, etc., I would suggest “getting your heart right” as a top priority before attempting to call upon assistance in this way.  Reviewing the March 8, 2012 article titled “Inner Divine Spirit” and the May 10, 2012 article titled “Divine Connection & Prayer” might be in order.

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Angel-Light Love
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