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Thursday, July 12, 2012


July 12, 2012

For some time now, I’ve been questioning information about the nature of souls that I once considered factual. I’ve also been having suspicions that there is more that goes on than has been traditionally accepted, and have contemplated, questioned my Divine Support Team, speculated, and made notes. I originally rejected the soul facet information that I’ve shared in previous articles years ago when I first read it in several sources, thinking it was about personalities of the body mind rather than the soul, but eventually accepted it as factual.  Recently, I’ve been exploring the Internet, searching for  “puzzle pieces” that add substance to my body of knowledge and expand upon it—info that, when combined with what I know as a result of my research via the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, from assisting others, and from Divine downloads, will give me some “aha’s.”  As always, my reality is subject to change because I’m openminded. 

Read words attributed to Norm Chomsky recently:   “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”  He was referring to world governments, etc., but those words are just as appropriate when it comes to the subject of the nature of the soul.  So don’t dismiss outright any unbelievable information with which you are presented.  I’m not suggesting you “swallow everything—hook, line, and sinker,” but just that you be open to what comes into your awareness. More and more people are awakening and remembering, but the wall/veils have been coming down slowly.  There is a belief among many awake and aware people that the walls are about to come tumbling down.  No doubt that would be traumatic for so many around the world.  The tendency is for humans to worship beings who don’t fit into their definition of reality as gods—over and over again throughout the ages.

We are souls living in bodies—not the other way around.  I want to share info about creation of human body-mind units before getting into a discussion of my reality of the nature of souls.  I am of the opinion that rarely is any piece of information 100% one way or the other way, accurate or inaccurate, which is why we measure percentages on most items on the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis rather than provide a yes or no answer. 

People who are “lifetime students” (for lack of a better term), who read and study and continue to learn about a variety of different subjects, can read about creation myths of cultures all around the planet. Also available are symbols and writings written on stone in ancient times—and much more.  Much has been uncovered, but discoveries are still being made around the world.   Zecharia Sitchin is one of many researchers who have published diagrams, photos, and information.  

Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford since 1997, describes his work on what he calls “The Seven Daughters of Eve.”  Researchers have found that almost everyone in Europe has mitochondrial (maternal) DNA they inherited from one of seven actual females who lived between 10,000 and 45,000 years ago,  In addition, there are descendants of 36 different maternal ancestors spread throughout the world.  Thirty-six.  Kind of makes one think about creation, doesn’t it?

To summarize information originating from many sources, the stories go that human body-mind units were created from existing species (evolving earth species, said to be simian in nature) by multiple genetic manipulations over time by more than one extraterrestrial race.  The average human body-mind unit has about 25% of existing species DNA. Some have less, as low as 15%, and some have more, but not more than 35%.  I still remember marveling in astonishment at a man subjected to a makeover on some television program in recent years that seemed so “Neanderthal” in the build of his body, the way he walked, and the amount of hair on his body—so much so that I asked my Divine Support Team how much original species DNA his body had. It was 35%--more than I’ve ever found in a person undergoing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis. 

We’re given in “The Holy Bible” (Genesis 1:26): “And God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image and likeness’,” which is not to say all words in “The Holy Bible” (made up of books that have been translated and recorded many times down through the centuries) are 100% accurate/true.  Common sense says otherwise. I’ve also studied the history of the books included in “The Holy Bible” and other books telling the same or similar stories that were denied inclusion, and others which weren’t discovered until more modern times.  We can also find creation stories (“myths,” writing and drawings on stone and papyrus, etc.) of groups of gods creating or genetically altering existing species to make them more like the gods.  Some of these and more modern information downloads provide the information that this 3D existence is an experiment, of sorts, that physical man was created as housing for humanoid souls from other planets in this galaxy and universe who want to participate, and the whole thing is being watched over by the races of gods (humanoids, same image) that set it up with a plan of noninterference, called the “guardian races.”  Unfortunately, there has been interference from other planetary civilizations—downloading of their own souls into human body-mind units and worse.  As a result, the parameters of this earthly 3D experiment have been changed by the guardians.  There are souls sent as emissaries and agents of the creator gods (or, if you prefer, the one God and his associates). Some have memories of this, and many have this as their reality.  Some claim their assignment is to free humanity of the interlopers (which are commonly called “the dark side” and “Team Dark”).  There are many writings about this on the Internet and in books and articles.  My escapism reading is case studies of awake and aware mental health researchers and practitioners.  

It is estimated that about 18% of functioning human body-mind units are unsouled at this time. Such as these are easily manipulated and used by races of so-called extraterrestrial life forms who have controlling agendas.  One can find much information in books and articles in print and on the Internet. Read, study, learn.

There is a Part 2 developing.

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