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Thursday, July 12, 2012


July 12, 2012

The common soul model that has been put out through many sources for at least a century is that a creator soul (aka oversoul) creates twelve souls from its own essence, and each of these souls creates twelve Divine soul extensions (for a total of 144), which sometimes split for various reasons and fragment due to trauma.  This story goes that the creator soul is the creation of another soul, and so on—a neat and orderly scenario which may or may not be accurate or only partially accurate.  Creators create new souls from their own essence and start them on their journeys.  These souls can also be reabsorbed by their creators. One soul can also consciously and intentionally split into two or more souls—each duplications of itself.  There are other ways souls can come into existence.  One is through trauma that causes fragmentation.

Perhaps the most well known researcher of souls between lives is  Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of “Journey of Souls,” which was followed by “Destiny of Souls.”   Dr. Newton and others have found there is a “staging area” where souls choose their next incarnations based on what they want to experience and achieve.  They review lives under consideration before going to the deportation station to be sent into the body. 

An assumption could be made that this is the only way souls incarnate, but that is not the case. It’s only “the tip of the iceberg.”  In fact, I have  a memory of being with a few friends who laughingly told me, “You’ve been out long enough. It’s time to go back in.”  Then they pushed me into a passageway while I strongly protested and resisted, and I spiraled down and out into this body.

Our bodies are capable of hosting more than one soul concurrently, and about 65% are doing so at this time.  I remember reading an Internet discussion recently questioning why this is. The information presented from various sources was that there are more souls wanting the planetary 3D experience at this time than there are bodies available. 

Many times, what has been written and published as science fiction is truth—in whole or in part.  Here’s an excerpt from my October 17, 2005 article titled “K-PAX and the Nature of the Soul,” about a science fiction movie: K-PAX is the name of another planet, the home of a visitor to this world (a very evolved, scientifically advanced consciousness unit) who took over the body of an earthling, said to be a "friend" of his, after the earthling experienced extreme trauma and retreated into himself. He loved the earthling, came in to assist, and used the time in the body for research purposes. The visitor (Kevin Spacey), whom I'll call K-Pax, told a psychiatrist assigned to him (Jeff Bridges), that he had been with his friend in that body before--beginning during childhood.

Souls make friends during their many embodiments.  Souls support their soul family and friends and, when embodied, they often sense a connection or even recognize others.  Support is often given by temporarily coming into an existing embodiment for a time.  Just as often, these stays are for the benefit of the soul coming in to share.  There are various types of body sharing arrangements—temporary, short-term, and long-term—and various reasons for body sharing. I recall facilitating several information gathering sessions for a psychic person at some point in the last decade.  There had been two souls in residence since shortly after birth of the body. The infant was sickly and, when it was realized that the soul in the body would be unable to keep it alive, a soul friend came in to assist.  They were still sharing the body over thirty years later.  The differences in the two became apparent to me.

More often than not, body shares are for shorter periods of time.  Once I awoke feeling “not myself” and noticed a soul in a cocoon floating above my body. I understood he was leaving, which greatly distressed me.  A guardian explained to me that it was necessary for that soul to get some rest and recuperation because being in the dense 3D existence has been very hard on him.  (I’ve left the body several times my own self for purification and recharging, so I know how important that can be.) The guardian promised he would return in a few weeks to take me to see my soul friend, and that he did. We went to what seemed to be an infirmary type of facility and saw him in a bed.  I stood there and looked at him while the guardian gave me info on his condition.  When my soul friend sensed me there, he brought his shoulders up and reached out to me with one arm.  Attendants replaced him and said he had to rest. We left him there and returned to my body. The guardian told me not to sing my soul song (yes, I have a soul song I sing daily) because my friend would be unsettled by it and try to return before he was ready.

Other awakened and aware people have their own experiences.  I’ll share some more of mine here.   When sitting alone in front of a library a decade or so ago, I sensed something leave me.  Off to the side I noticed a soul wearing white robes, holding a book or papers and telepathically heard him exclaim in frustration, “I can’t do my work here!”  I watched as he began walking/floating away and then disappeared "into thin air." Those were difficult times during the “Traveling Angel” years.

A good friend—an awake and aware friend--died early in the 1990s. Shortly after her transition, she communicated with an awake and aware relative that she would return and share the body of one of her friends.  Another friend of hers (who happened to be an awake and aware licensed psychologist) was sure I was “the chosen one.”  I didn’t want that at all and voiced my objection, but it was partly due to my ignorance of soul dynamics at that time.  She came from time to time for visits but didn’t take long-term residence in my body.

I’ve experienced different souls coming into the body over the years. They are usually announced with the words “new energy coming in.”  These can also be soul transfusions where only a portion of the soul essence is shared.  I’ve never been an athletic person in this life—quite the opposite. However, I manage to stretch and exercise and run in place in the privacy of my playhouse (apartment), so I’m not totally sedentary. Several weeks ago I telepathically heard part of a discussion about my embodiment and was then notified that new energy was coming in.  Recently, I have been running in place more often (with 1970s music) for several weeks with the goal of being able to run a little around the neighborhood when the temperatures come down in the autumn.  After the new energy came in, I began feeling more confident and competent about my running.  I saw an athlete running on my mind screen several times. Once I felt as if I could take off running just like Forrest Gump did in the movie. It was surreal.  How wonderful!  “Coincidentally,” a couple weeks ago there was an article with photos in the Dallas Morning News which I clipped after I discovered I hadn’t been doing it in the best way for my body.  I feel more “in shape,” but I recognize I have a long way to go before I’m ready to take a short, gentle run around the neighborhood. Many other people have shared their “soul stories” on the Internet.

Yes, souls can share bodies, and souls/soul facets/soul extensions can move  from one body to another.  About 45% of human body-mind units are hosting groups of combined/clustered souls, sometimes called composite souls, at this time. It is not common, but two souls can combine their past and parallel lifetimes into a single soul/soul matrix.  This is often called a combined soul.

Souls who download to share an existing embodiment are generally there for benevolent or mutually beneficial reasons. There are souls who are assigned to wander, circulate, and migrate wherever needed to assist the Divine plan for humanity in various ways.  Their own growth and learning is enhanced in so doing. There can also be souls with bodies who are malevolent and have hostile intent.  We are providing this information in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process in its current form and will provide it to people who have previously undergone the DRH Process who are curious.

What I want to emphasize is that the migration of souls (including facets and fragments) from one body to another and body sharing and soul clusters and transfers, etc. are not uncommon, which is one reason for  the importance of my making sure I'm providing info on the main soul being hosted by a body rather than the others around who are serving as guides or learning from the embodiment as well.

Some terms commonly used in discussions of the nature of the soul are: soul transfers, soul transplants,  soul merges, soul interchanges, soul switchouts, walkins, soul clusters, soul pods, soul interchanges, dual occupancy, soul overlays, soul infusions, body sharing, soul rotation, soul matrix, soul-to-soul incarnations, soul implants, soul fragmentation, soul extensions, soul downloading, soul essence/soul energy. Many are different labels for the same things, and there has been some confusion about the meanings of each.  If you do Internet searches, you’ll find much to read, some of it contradictory.  But you won’t be bored! Read, study, learn.

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