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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


July 11, 2012

Last night after laying me down to sleep, I likened myself to “the princess and the pea” because of my sensitivity to energies of others, sounds, smells, vibrations, the feeling of irregular surfaces on my body, etc.  “The Princess and the Pea” is a classic children’s short story by Hans Christian Andersen. I hadn’t thought of it in “forever.”  This morning I found Denise Le Fay’s July 10, 2012 article from her “Transitions” site in a mailbox. It is titled “Certain Starseed Contracts,” and one of the sections is titled, “Remember the Princess & The Pea Syndrome?”  The synchronicity gave me my first big laugh of the day!

Denise shared a comment posted on her site ( http://deniselefay.wordpress.com ) by a gal who feels like “an alien on this planet” and who has been rejected, violated, abused, and oppressed, for decades by “dark humans.”  For many years she wondered why she was targeted and accepted that she must have deserved it or attracted it in some way—even though she describes herself thusly:  “. . . I have always known I have a big heart and have so much love to give and that I was here for a purpose. I love like crazy. I don’t have a mean bone in my body. . . .”  She has recently been shown that all the violations and abuse have been Team Dark trying to derail her (from her mission). She has recently experienced a breakthrough, which I’ll share with you later. First, I want to share some of Denise’s comments in response.

Denise writes that many people are expecting positive extraterrestrials to come to earth and fix things, but we are already here and have been working for decades.  Yes.  According to Denise, [some/many] Starseeds have a Soul Mission to “transmute, integrate, resolve, and transcend duality and return those energies to a third higher frequency state of neutrality or ‘unity’ while in 3D physicality.”  It’s not news to me that, as Denise says, most Starseeds with this particular mission have had more than their fare share of violations and abuse.   Denise emphasizes that Starseeds “naturally and automatically attract the negativity, insanity, and imbalanced seen and unseen populations because we carry more Light here and the Dark instantly sees and recognizes us long before we ever recognize them.”  Yes, and after decades of invalidation, violation, and abuse by Team Dark and their human hosts/agents, one’s light can be lowered.  However, one can learn much from trials and tribulations.

Denise is performing a valuable service through her blog site for Starseed Lightworkers and for others as well.  In her closing comments, she instructs those who resonate with the information in this article to “remain emotionally neutral” when confronted with actions of Team Dark.  The person who was the catalyst for this article reports that she now shines light into the darkness with love and forgiveness, and it feels good. Eureka! We’re all headed that way—sooner or later.

There has been a popular statement in self-improvement literature and classes for a long time that goes, “What you resist persists.”  In The Holy Bible, it says, “Resist not evil,” followed with various words, depending on which book, chapter, and verse of the Bible you read. Commonly, it is said, “Resist not evil, but overcome evil with good.”  I like to say it as, “Resist not evil, but overcome evil with love.” 

And here are some suggestions for dealing with evil and darkness. First, as the song goes, “Put a little love in your heart.” Realize that bringing your Divine Spirit into your heart center will accomplish that.  One affirmation I like is, “With the power, with the light, and with the love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am attuning to, aligning with, and embodying Universal Love—on a full and permanent basis now.”  I use the words “the highest frequencies of love and light” as well.  Feels so good—light and bright!

An important affirmation/prayer is:  “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. With the power, with the light, and with the love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am moving all of me and mine, and all that is within and around me and mine, and all that is attached to and connected with me and mine out of vibrational resonancy with the dark side and out of rapport with the abyss, and placing all into vibrational resonancy with the highest light of heaven—on a full and permanent basis now.”  I like “Christ Consciousness,” too.

One can affirm and imagine this:  “With the power, with the light, and with the love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am filling and surrounding all of me and mine with Divine Light Energy—on a full and permanent basis now.”  I like to add “of the Christ vibration” after “Divine Light Energy.”  In my reality, the light of Christ is gold, and the gold ray is the guardian of the white ray.

I recommend you check out "Transitions" at http://deniselefay.wordpress.com . There are many interesting articles to enlighten, assist, and even to entertain. 

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