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Thursday, August 02, 2012


August 2, 2012

Posted “Spiritual Gifts – Psychic Gifts” earlier today, and this short piece can be considered an addendum thereto.

I’m confident that every reader knows what a connection is.  A conduit is described as a pipe or channel, a tube or duct, and a means by which something is transmitted, including a circuit.  A Divine conduit receives and sends communications between the human body-mind unit and the Soul, the Oversoul, the Multidimensional Soul Self, the Divine Support Team, Holy Spirit, Angels, Guardians, etc.  The term “hot line to heaven” is frequently used instead of Divine conduits or Divine connections.

If one’s channels of communication are damaged, contaminated, or blocked, then one’s reception and transmissions will not be as clear as possible or, in the worst case scenario, a person can feel cut off from Divine (and I’ve had several people report that to me over the years).  Some areas we focus on in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process are the soul cord pathway, the soul cord itself, and the central vertical channel (and we want all these to be 100% clear of contaminants).  Some readers may not be aware that only about 55% of one’s communications are transmitted through the soul cord. We work with the circuitry/electrical system—damaged circuits and shortcircuits, among other things, focusing on decorruption, decontamination, and restoration.  We have Divine programs, encodements, and templates to be decorrupted, decontaminated, and restored as needed so as to ensure the Divine connection is at its best.  

Divine downloads are delivered in various ways—in words, in mind pictures, or other ways--a few pieces of information at a time or several pages at a time.  I remember during the 1980s experiencing gold sheets with writing and/or symbols coming into my systems—many times. There also were what seemed to be sheets of paper with writing and symbols appear on the mind screen in subsequent years.  Actually, that still happens from time to time.  I have read other people describe receiving information in this manner.   

Recently, I discovered my Divine conduits were only 75% clear.  It’s true that many people’s Divine conduits are less clear, but 75% isn’t acceptable for me.  Several hours after clearing, my Divine conduits were 85% clear.  I’m not sure we can have Divine conduits 100% clear at this dense level of existence—not the majority of us, anyway. However, there’s nothing wrong with going for it!  The more clear my Divine conduits, the better I can be of assistance to others and the better I can care for my own self.

In summary, it is important that one’s Divine conduits and connections be clear and in good repair so as to send correctly and receive accurately.  And remember:  Prayer is talking to God/Divine.  Meditation is listening to God/Divine.  Are you receiving?

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Angel-Light Love
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