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Monday, August 06, 2012


August 6, 2012

I’ve shared previously about Cameron Day (www.ascensionhelp.com) on this site. My response to Cameron’s  August 2, 2012 blog titled “First Contact is Not Happening Soon, and That’s a Good Thing” was “My sentiments exactly!” I want to share some excerpts from this logical, well-presented article here to “whet your appetite” for the entire article, which is lengthy.  My words inside Cameron’s words are delineated by brackets.

Cameron mentions in his introduction that there are many predictions and channeled messages predicting extraterrestrials will reveal themselves during Olympics, and also there are those predicting a “false flag” attack or faked alien invasion to happen around this time, and “hard deadlines” provided for this, that, and the other.  His article seems to be an effort (an excellent one, I might add) to dispel all these rumors and the false information.  Simply put, what he writes makes sense (not that I believed any of the craziness to begin with).   To quote Cameron, “I would be amused if this wasn’t so harmful to many people’s psyches.”  [Truth be told, I have been amused.]

There are benevolent (service-to-others) people, and there are malevolent (service-to-self) people.  And there are malevolent extraterrestrials, as well as benevolent extraterrestrials.  So how does one discern?  What does one look for when discerning?  Cameron provides information to assist us in this article.  He writes, “Because of the pre-programmed human tendency to give away individual and collective power to charismatic leaders [makes one almost swoon as these charismatic leaders come to mind], the positive ETs are very reluctant to swoop in and ‘rescue’ us from our current situation. This would only serve to further disempower humanity because it is difficult to convince someone who wants to worship you and give you their power that they need to own it for themselves.  The last thing a highly evolved, positive being wants is to be worshiped. At most, they would only want to be benevolent mentors that help us empower ourselves while always respecting our free will.”  And, “The positive ETs are very aware that human free will is being constantly manipulated so that we give unconscious permission to be enslaved, and they are not willing to put themselves in a role where humans will want to abdicate their sovereignty to them.”  He cautions that, “The negative enslavers would seek to actually deepen our enslavement, fostering dependence on their technologies and ‘enlightened governance,’ while the positive liberators will always seek to inspire us to achieve our full potential, in our own way, and to be self-governing.”

It is Cameron’s reality (and that of so many others) that the positive ETs “hatched some very clever plans,” and he knows only a wee bit of them.  I laughed aloud at the following words, because I know first-hand about this plan:  “Part of the plan was to send in brave (or foolish) beings to incarnate as humans in order to effect change from within the human group consciousness.  This part of the plan has been fairly successful, despite the dark side’s nearly constant attacks against such beings” [emphasis added]. Long-time readers of the “Angel-Light Beamer” are familiar with my reality (shared by hundreds of thousands worldwide—and probably millions) that souls and lifestreams can move in and out of human body-mind units at any time, and it’s not a scenario of soul in before or upon birth and soul out upon death.   To continue with Cameron’s words, “Another aspect of the plans are for these ‘sleeper agents’ to help reveal the secret machinations of the ruling elite and their ET/ED overlords [whom I call reptilian controllers, although there are rogue factions involved as well].  This is also proceeding nicely, although we could certainly be better informed about the parasitic extra-dimensional ankle-biters.”  [Cameron calls them “ankle-bitters” as an insult rather than “Archons,” which is a well-known name.]

One of the “key tenets” of the positive extraterrestrial plan that Cameron discusses can’t be emphasized enough:  “. . . humans need to embrace their own sovereign power and not give it away to any other being. However, humanity has a long way to go in this area, which is why positive ETs will most likely NOT be the first ETs to reveal themselves. It would be smarter for them to wait for the parasitic ETs posing as benevolent beings to make themselves known first.  This will allow for humanity to learn key lessons in discernment and own our own power, so that the positive ETs can make themselves known to us in a capacity more akin to wise advisors rather than saviors.”  Cameron reminds us to “always remember that our minds and emotions are the battleground for this war, and that the opponent wins whenever we are in fear, anger, judgment, or in any other low-frequency emotional state.”   Cameron is “optimistic that the ankle-biters [Archons], the negative ETs who are aligned with them, and all of their consciousness-suppressing technology will be fully removed so that the true light of higher consciousness can emerge from within every soul incarnated on the planet.”  [Let it be!]

Enlighten and inform yourself more by going to www.ascensionhelp.com/blog, find the article titled, “First Contact is Not Happening Soon, and That’s a Good Thing.”  Click on the title to read the entire, lengthy post.  I very much recommend exploring all of Cameron Day’s site.

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