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Thursday, August 02, 2012


August 1, 2012

The term “psychic cords” has come to mean all energy cord connections between people. However, because the term “psychic” comes from the word “psyche,” which refers to the mind or consciousness, I prefer the term “energy cords.”   

When dealing with the energy cords and energy connections one shares with others, it is important to differentiate by using the terms “negative energy cords” and “negative energy connections.”   It is the nature of humanity to have energy cords and connections with people that are loving and beneficial to all concerned—especially heart connections.  When we deal with the negative energy cords and connections of others (and it is included in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process),  I use the term “eliminate” rather than “cut” or “pull,” and a decision is then made as to how to eliminate the negative energy cords and connections for a particular individual. 

One can also specify the elimination of all energy cords and connections that are harmful to self or to others.   I don't want anyone to be harmed because of or through me, so I do this every week or so. 

One is to avoid the tendency to “place blame” and get defensive and just deal with the issue.  Sometimes there is no blame at all, and these things just happen by virtue of living human.

If you find yourself sensing someone strongly, if it seems as if you’re “hearing” (telepathically) the conversations of someone else, if you find yourself saying or doing things that aren’t natural for you, then it’s quite possible that you have negative cords and connections with one or more other people.  We check for these as part of the Basic Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis and the In-Depth Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.

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