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Sunday, August 19, 2012


August 19, 2012

I enjoy reading case histories and case studies that facilitators of soul exploration (aka past life regression, future life progression, etc.) publish.  Many times, rereading at a later date can remind one of forgotten information or reveal new information based on one’s current knowledge base and awareness.  

There are several therapists at this time who have published case work on between-life exploration.  One of these is Michael Newton, Ph.D. (“Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” and “Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives”). Currently, I’m rereading “Journey of Souls” (for about the third time).  Dr. Newton published  “Journey of Souls”  in 1996 after having facilitated between-lives exploration for about 10,000 people. (An aside: He told someone I know at the time of a session  that there would not be a second book because he felt he’d learned everything there was to learn.  I knew differently.  Sure enough, along came “Destiny of Souls” in the year 2000.)

In “Journey of Souls,”  Dr. Newton classified six different levels of soul development:  Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, and Highly Advanced.  He describes a Beginner Soul as follows: "The beginner soul may live a number of lives in a state of confusion and ineffectiveness, influenced by an Earth curriculum which is different from the coherence and supportive harmony of the spirit world. Less developed souls are inclined to surrender their will to the controlling aspects of human society, with a socio-economic structure which causes a large proportion of people to be subordinate to others. The inexperienced soul tends to be stifled by a lack of independent thinking. They also lean towards being self-centered and don't easily accept others for who they are.” 

What has stood out for me during the current reading of “Journey of Souls” is how Intermediate and Advanced souls speak of human beings as separate from themselves, using the pronouns “they” and “them,” calling humans “hosts” for souls. Of course, Dr. Newton isn’t the only facilitator who has experienced and published dialogue with clients who refer to human beings in such a manner. An Internet search can possibly reveal others.   Also, regular readers and supporters of my ministry have found me referring to human body-mind units many times.  I have deliberately tried not to over-reveal my reality in my writings because the separate existence of the soul and the human body-mind unit is a big stretch for some people.  I will remind readers that there are human body-mind units without souls at 3D level of this planetary sphere—15% to 20% at any given time (most, but not all, living what seem to be “normal” lives).    

We are souls living in bodies for the human experience. There are body minds, and there are soul minds. There is body consciousness, and there is soul consciousness.  The human body mind is also known as ego and personality.  A certain measure of bonding/blending/merging with the human body-mind unit benefits the soul’s learning process, but when one is overly identified with the body, one can easily “lose” one’s soul awareness. When one refers to the body as “my body,” then one can be assumed to be speaking as soul. When one says something like, “My back hurts,” then one is speaking as the human.  When one refers to one’s self as “we,” one can be referring to the body personage and the soul consciousness as one.  However, in most cases, the speaker is referring to members of the soul group living together in one human body-mind unit (from two to twelve, usually, and an indication of the uniting of the aspects of the soul in preparation for ascension).  In the In-Depth Analysis, we find such information.

There are several processes that assist in becoming and being the soul at this level of existence that we share in handout form with supporters of this ministry.  However, it benefits all to affirm, thusly, on a daily basis:  “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am.  I Am Soul. I Am Light Divine. I Am Oversoul. I Am Light Divine.  I Am Monad. I Am Light Divine. I Am One, One, One.”  The usual deep, relaxing breath beforehand is suggested, and a long inhale and exhale afterward has a way of reinforcing the affirmation.

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Angel-Light Love
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