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Sunday, September 09, 2012


September 9, 2012

Once during the “traveling angel” years, when attempting to open a tube of super glue while passing time  in my Lightmobile, some of the glue landed in the left eye.  I immediately started the car and drove about 40 miles to the emergency room of the Dallas county hospital—one hand keeping the eye closed (because the glue moved when blinking) and the other hand on the steering wheel.  By the time I arrived at my destination, some of the glue had fallen out/off.  Fortunately, because the emergency room had insufficient interns on duty, a teaching professor from the associated medical school was examining.  A sore, red lump near the eye immediately caught his attention.  He said, “That’s a basal cell carcinoma [skin cancer], and it needs to be removed.”   I had just been ignoring it and thinking I would get around to dealing it with my usual wholistic/alternative methods.  As a result of the super glue emergency and a teaching professor being on duty rather than an intern, a skin cancer was discovered.  After several days of antibiotic eye ointment, a visit with an opthamologist found my eye was okay.  And a couple weeks later, a quarter size hole was dug in the side of my face and wound repaired.

Now why did the super glue get in my eye in such a way as not to do any permanent damage (besides my clumsiness or failure to focus sufficiently)?  One could say that it was a Divine gift because there was a skin cancer near the eye that needed to be removed.  Was there an underlying spiritual cause?  In this case, no.  Did I attract what happened to me (aka the so-called Law of Attraction)?  In this case no. It was a means to an end—with no lasting harm done by the super glue.

About a week ago, when moving plants around on my patio, the right eye got intimate with the hard tip of an aloe vera plant, resulting in a 3mm injury to the cornea. Fortunately, it was not the pupil or iris that was scratched/poked.  I immediately washed the eye with saline solution and examined it. There was no external bleeding to speak of, but there was a big bloody spot under the skin. I put a patch over the eye to keep it closed.  When the bloody spot had more than doubled in size by the next morning, I took the buses and trains to the county hospital, where a doctor consulted with an opthamologist upstairs.  I was prescribed an antibiotic ointment and given an appointment for two days later.  It’s a good thing it was two days later because I needed a day to recuperate from about five hours round trip on buses and trains.  Life can be hell in North Central Texas for a person with no automobile who is sensitive to noise and vibrations and crowds. I usually stay out of the inner city of Dallas, but sometimes it cannot be avoided.

Met the opthamologist who consulted on my case while another opthamologist examined me.  By that time, about three-fourths of the cornea was bloody.  I was assured that the bleeding would stop by two weeks after the incident, and that the blood will disappear before another month had passed.  However, the thorough eye exam with eyes dilated revealed there are cataracts in both eyes—one a little larger than the other. I had suspected that and already consulted with my Divine Support Team, who gave me the same information—even correct as to where the largest cataract is located.  The opthamologist confirmed what I already knew (but I pretended it was new information).  He did say that I have a few years before they’ll need to be removed.  I don’t know about that because from time to time I see a “blurred” or “glazed over” place in my field of vision, and don’t see something clearly or notice others.  I’m almost certain I didn’t see the thin aloe vera leaf that collided with my eyeball.  The good news is that there seems to be plenty of time, according to the doctor, so I can address the cataracts with alternative/wholistic measures as is my habit.  So why did this incident happen? Other than I possibly didn’t see the aloe vera leaf because of the cataract, one could say it happened so I would receive the cataract information from a medical professional.  As a result, I feel more focused and prepared to address the cataract issues.  Did I attract the collision with the aloe vera?  If so, the reason eludes me. It’s more like Divine giving me an assist—just as in the case of the super glue incident—or that I just didn’t see it.  Someone on Facebook felt it important to send me a message (kindly delivered, I might add) that I could have attracted the eyeball incident because of a political comment I made on Facebook.  I could tell she is obviously a Law of Attraction person.  Tying a political comment on Facebook with the eye incident seems like a quantum leap, doesn’t it?  I just got: “in the wrong direction.” Divine Spirit has a sense of humor!

I’ll get to the main point of this article soon. Meanwhile, here’s one more story, related, for you. Back in the early 1990s, I had a mammogram because there was a big lump easily felt from the surface.  Doctor examined the x-rays and told me that in addition to the lump I had found, there were two smaller ones nearby, side by side.  He said they were only cysts and asked if I wanted him to aspirate them (drain them with a needle).  I declined, saying I would eliminate them with my mind.  He didn’t seem surprised at all.  And a few weeks later, the large lump was gone.  However, I got lazy and didn’t address the two smaller cysts, which grew in size.  When a friend felt them when she hugged me, we discussed it, and she offered to remove them with her mind (and she had done that many times for herself and others).  I accepted her offer and told her I would join her.  We disappeared them.  No issues in the twenty years since.

There are many stories of other people in my memory,  as well as more of my own experiences, but these are sufficient for the purposes of this article.

I’m definitely NOT suggesting one self-diagnose and forego medical care.  I’m just demonstrating how alternative/wholistic healing can work in concert with traditional medical diagnosis and healing.  And please don’t ignore your health concerns!  And I must insist that readers NOT attempt to remove the cataracts on my eyes--at least not without consulting with me first!

Back to the recently injured eyeball: Because the doctors had made their determination and said I didn’t need to return for another checkup unless something unexpected came up with the eye, I have continued to address the injury metaphysically.  The incident happened six days ago, and already the sensation of “something in the eye” is gone and the blood is disappearing, eye returning to normal size with diminished redness of the eye socket!  It’s a good thing because a couple of days ago I got weary of looking at two eyes without some “window dressing” (one looking like it belonged to an alien or something)  and applied some eye makeup on the unaffected eye.  Soon both eyes will look normal.

So here’s my point:  It seems to be common for people majorly into the so-called Law of Attraction to tell people in an accusatory and condescending manner words such as, “You attracted that!”  For one to presume to know why an accident/incident happened to someone else is intrusive (unless perhaps the two people are close friends).  A much nicer way to approach such things (a little less intrusive) is asking, “Why do you think that happened?”  I’ve written in articles that for every physical issue there is an underlying spiritual cause. Even that’s a stretch!  Sometimes Divine intervenes to bring one’s attention to something or to assist one in understanding of something and provide confirmation.  There is, of course, some truth in the so-called Law of Attraction. However, for people to overemphasize it in their interactions with others is not lovingkindness. I will remind the reader that there are other reasons for incidents/accidents, which we won't go into here.

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