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Friday, October 12, 2012


October 12, 2012

As discussed in an article posted yesterday at http://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com, “shifting frequencies” is a way to change one’s life, and one way to do that is to say aloud, “I Am opening to ________ [love, money, automobile, trust, whatever].”  Prefacing each statement with “I Am [your name], I Am That I Am” gets the attention of the “heavenlies.” And one might officially call upon (invoke) one’s Divine Support Team as well. I do so in the name of Christ Divine, but others may have other preferences.

After an initial statement, such as, “I Am opening to miracles now,” one might add, “I Am allowing miracles now,” and then, “I Am saying yes to miracles now.”  Or one might combine them all into one statement, such as “I Am opening to miracles, allowing miracles, and saying yes to miracles now” (with enthusiasm, we might add).   So now we have:  “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am.”  I Am opening to miracles, allowing miracles, and saying yes to miracles now.”  This is to be spoken aloud with conviction and enthusiasm at least once daily, but preferably more often.

Moving on, there is a measure of truth (about 60%) in the oft-presented statement made in wholistic literature, “Like attracts like.”  It’s about what is in one’s energies as well as in one’s consciousness—not one or the other.  Far too often it is regarded as a matter of consciousness.  Most people aren’t in the habit of clearing their energies on a daily basis (and this can be done with the spoken word and with energy movement processes), and even less know it is possible to install specific frequencies in their energies.  Here’s an example:  “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am.  With the power, with the light, and with the love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am installing the frequencies of money in my energies now.”  One can imagine so doing, but it is more effective to take actual money (such as a $1 or $5 bill in the USA), hold it against the solar plexus (the area right above the navel in most people) and inhaling the money energies through the solar plexus, and imagining it increasing and filling the physical body and then expanding out into one’s light energy bodies and further out into one’s field—about 12’ in all directions.  (Of course, keeping money circulating in one’s life by giving where there is a need even when one has needs of one’s own is very helpful, but that’s not for this article.)

If one’s pantry is looking bare, one can take what is there, such as a can of beans, or a partial loaf of bread, hold it between one’s hands and speak, “I Am [name]. I Am. With the power, with the light, and with the love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I Am blessing and increasing my supply of food to fill my pantry now.”  It is helpful for gasoline and money as well.  Just put one’s hands on the automobile (for gasoline) or hold the wallet or money clip (for money).  If one needs/wants more of something, blessing what one has brings on more.  Also, creating a space for more helps, such as giving away old sheets with rips and mending stitches to charity and keeping only one set is beneficial.  And imaging the empty space in the linen closet filled with new sheets and eagerly anticipating same further assists. Clearing a parking space in one’s overstuffed garage helps in manifesting a new automobile. Affirming, such as, “I Am creating a space for my new [SUV, truck, etc.] now."  If there are only a few dollars in one’s wallet, find a charity jar in a store where one can give away some of them or a jar collecting funds for a family in need (and these are common in the USA).

And never despair or give up, we might add.  No desperation, just gratitude and joyful anticipation.  As far as gratitude, focusing more on that for which one is grateful than that which one lacks is vital.

Of course, what one wants doesn’t always manifest—especially if it is material goods.  One reason is that before we souls downstep into these bodies, we have made a plan for the life, with goals and intentions--which we mostly forget unless and until we awaken to them.  If something (such as living in a particular type of area or a different country than where one lands) is incongruent with one’s life plan, then achieving the goal can be difficult if not impossible. Even if achieved, it won’t be a happy experience and/or won’t be long lasting.

Lastly, a soul/oversoul has many experiences over its eternal life—different bodies, different races, different locations, different professions, various experiences and traumas, etc.   Causes for failure to achieve one’s goal of, for example, opening a general store or a boutique or a law practice that provides a good income, can also be found in what we call one’s subconscious mind.  The causes for failure can also be found in one’s energy bodies. 
So you see, addressing the causes of one’s inability to manifest change or material goods can be a simple thing or can be a more in-depth, long-term process.  One begins with the most simple and then looks for hidden causes, including core or root causes.  An intuitive spiritual/energy healing facilitator can be of assistance in so doing.

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Angel-Light Love
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