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Friday, November 16, 2012


November 16, 2012

Earlier this month I added a new “office on wheels” (luggage) to my Amazon wish list and shared it on Facebook.  (Amazon has an easy link to do that.)  Someone commented beneath my post:  “It’s on its way to you.”  I thought the person was just supporting the manifestation, was appreciative, and acknowledged that.

However, I had a surprise delivery a few days ago: the new “office on wheels” that I had wished for!  I wondered who had sent it, because I usually don’t receive something I don’t know is coming.  And then I thought of the person who had affirmed it was on its way in the Facebook comment.  (I didn’t notice that in the packing there was a slip with the giver’s name until hours later.)

I sent a message to the person and asked if he/she had gifted me, and that was confirmed.  What fun!  And what a blessing!  When I thanked the giver, I included, “Showers of blessings upon you!”

It seems the giver was just as delighted as I was.  He/She commented: It's not a common thing that an "urge" hits me like your request did, but I simply knew this was to be yours and it was to come from me. So, enjoy, and I can tell you for sure it's meant as much to me to give it as I'm sure it means to you to receive it.  I have so much "noise" sometimes in my life that when I "hear" that still, small, voice, and it hits me like that, I “know”  that I'm still "in tune." And, by the way, many blessings are happening to me right now. Blessings back to you, and keep shining, dear one!

The Gifter followed Spirit/Divine guidance! How wonderful!

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