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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


November 27, 2012

Recently received an inquiry, and will excerpt it here (with minor alterations to disguise):  Hello, I was searching for some healing techniques to cure energy blockages on other people’s bodies. I'm no expert in the subject.  I'm merely interested in it. I have noticed that, sometimes, I can sense where some people, sometimes, have some sort of bad energy blotch. I usually feel it kind of like a lump on someone’s back.  It happened to my sister when she was sick, and happened with my father yesterday, curiously on a place where he is constantly asking people to itch for him. What I do is i perform (the very limited and house-learned) reiki on the area. My sister said that when I did it for her she felt extremely better, whereas before she was really ill. With my dad, I did reiki on the area on his back yesterday. This morning he woke up to his back (on that same area) burning slightly, as if the skin had been scrapped or something. He looked in the mirror and there wasn't anything. Would you know any techniques I could use to clear out these blockages? Or maybe how to improve my reiki so that its more effective? Any help would be much appreciated.  I believe with my dad the reiki wasn't as effective as with my sister because he has been having this same area itch for many years. Maybe it will take many more sessions for it to be cleared out.

My response (excerpt):  I understand that you are using the term "reiki" generally rather than specifically. Personally, my person is dedicated as an instrument of Divine. I find that I can be utilized more effectively to assist others when ego gets out of the way (as much as it can) and Divine takes charge. That doesn't mean I'm not participating or that I don't know things because I do.

It can be dangerous or harmful to another person when someone without sufficient knowledge attempts from the body mind to heal or assist with energy. When one dedicates one’s self to service as an instrument of Divine, then one will be guided and instructed and guided to information. Yes, there are techniques. And there are steps within techniques. "Putting in" and "pulling out" are two common terms that come to mind. The energy that moves through my instrument is called Healing Love Energy, the name we the Angel-Light Team (myself and angels that serve through my instrument) gave it many years ago. It is important that no matter what type of energy healing one wants to do that it be THROUGH the instrument and not OF the instrument. If you ask and keep asking to be a lightserver healing instrument (and lightserver is very important) and show yourself acceptable and are granted your request, you'll be given everything you need to know or be guided to it. Once back in the early 1990s, I was looking at healing books in a small bookstore with a friend, and I picked up Barbara Brennan's "Hands of Light." and flipped through it briefly before exclaiming, "I want to get this book. It's the same work I do." Of course, it wasn't exactly the same, but close enough. (I have no official 3D training and have no certification. I'm just an Instrument of Divine.)  After buying Barbara's second book, "Light Emerging," I was sure it should have been her first book. So if you really want to learn techniques, and are fluent in English, I recommend purchasing Barbara Brennan's "Light Emerging" and then her "Hands of Light." There are lots of diagrams and the print is easy to read. You can also find a lot of information by searching the Internet (in different languages), so read and find what resonates with you.

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