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Sunday, November 25, 2012


November 25, 2012

Last night, my body very much wanted sleep by 8:30 p.m., but I awoke several times during the night and had difficulty putting myself back into deep sleep. Nothing seemed to work, including my favorite sleep CD. Finally decided that there must be some foreign energies that needed releasing and clearing.  When I began to address this issue, the words “liquid light” came to mind, and I began pouring golden liquid light into the crown chakra/energy center and spreading it throughout the physical body and out into the light energy bodies and several feet beyond over and over again as “Delta Sleep System” by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson played.  In a short time, I went into deep sleep, awakening five hours later about 7:30 a.m.

This morning I wondered about the term “liquid light,” not recalling that I had come across that term before, and did an Internet search without satisfactory results.  And then it occurred to me that perhaps the term was associated with Ken Page (www.kenpage.com) , whom I’ve written about several times over the years.  When I added his name to the Internet search, I discovered that I had, apparently, read the term in Ken’s writings and books. Ken Page is a respected international teacher, author, and lecturer and creator/founder/developer of “Multidimensional Cellular Healing” (and much more).  He and his partner Nancy Hester are a very effective team and offer much to people on the spiritual path who are committed to self-clearing and healing. 

I found a short piece about liquid light on www.kenpage.com, and here is an excerpt:  “One of the easiest ways to maintain a clearer vibration is to think of ourselves as Liquid Light. Remember, water does not stop its movement or flow. . . . Liquid Light is the same feeling that one feels when they connect with Spirit.  First, we experience ourselves as Liquid Light, fluid and adaptable. Then we can add a color to that light (a color that represents our essence). . . .”    I don’t know for sure that the term “liquid light” I was given overnight was about Ken’s use of the term, but I suggest you read what he has to say because it is important information.

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