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Thursday, December 27, 2012


December 27, 2012

From person with wholistic knowledge and skills:  “I’m concerned about my loss of mobility, arthritis taking its toll. I really need help to drop some weight; there is a block there that I can’t seem to get at. I know with the right help I can be healed of anything—especially now. The energies are so high and feel so loving.”

Response (expanded on for others):  I want to share some things via email that have worked for me (and others). You've heard, of course, that we need to ASK our angels/Divine Support Team/etc. for assistance in order to receive intervention. Now that is not 100% true, but there is a large measure of truth to it--about 65%. And it behooves us to be as clear about what we want as possible, which might mean doing Internet research on a particular dis-ease or ailment.

Every dis-ease/ailment has at least one cause, including core/root cause. They almost always have an underlying spiritual/energy cause. Dis-ease often begins in one's electromagnetic field. And then there are genetic influences. Are you aware that it is even possible to clear genetic influences (although not an easy thing)? We're told by scientists that about every thirty days the body regenerates itself--some organs and components in hours, others in days. This implies/means that what we eat, what we think and feel, what we inhale, etc. changes the molecular construction of our physical form. I'm sure you can think of numerous examples of this. Therefore, dis-ease can be addressed in several ways--including dietary changes, changes in environment, profession, etc. Our focus is on the spiritual and energy field, of course, but we do make suggestions for other areas from time to time.

As mentioned, it is important to ask for what one wants. It is also important to affirm and decree what one wants. And the form of asking/affirming/decreeing can be important. We'll share the recommended basic formats again here (not necessarily the order of recommendation). Whichever you use, they can all be considered prayers, for one's Angels/Divine Support Team participate. If a reader has an issue with the use of “Christ,” please consider that it is a term that means so much more than “Jesus the Christ,”  and I’m using the term “Christ” from that cosmic, universal perspective.  Of course, if one wants to ask for something “in the name of Jesus Christ,” feel very free to do so.  

Number One: "In the name of Christ, with the power of Christ Divine within me, and with the power, with the light, and with the love of my Divine Spirit, I [name] Decree I Am __________--on a full and permanent basis now. And so it is!"

Number Two: "In the name of Christ and under the law of grace, I [name] Decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, and giving thanks for __________--on a full and permanent basis now."

Number Three: "__________ [Divine Support Team or Heavenlies or My Divine Creator or My Heavenly Father or My Angels or Whatever You Wish], in the name of Christ, I Am asking you all __________--on a full and permanent basis now. Thank you!"

As far as dis-ease/ailments/symptoms, one might ask for/affirm/decree "the releasing and clearing of the underlying causes of my body's ________ [back pain, arthritis, whatever] and the healing of the affected areas, components, and systems." If one has been diagnosed with mental dis-ease or suspects that might be the case, one can ask for "the correcting of any and all chemical imbalances of me and mine." If one suspects there are intruders in one's sacred space, one might ask for "the elimination of all foreigners from the space of me and mine that are negatively affecting me and mine [or causing disease in me and mine or, etc.]." If one is prone to hypertension/high blood pressure, one might ask for "the lowering of my body's blood pressure to the normal range and the maintaining of the blood pressure in the normal range" (after first asking for the clearing and releasing of the underlying causes, of course).  

If one is concerned about excess weight, one might cover one’s bases by asking for “the elimination of all bacteria and parasites from the gut of my body vehicle and my energies that are causing obesity and metabolic syndrome, and the maximizing of the body’s fat metabolism system, and the blocking of all attempts to put on excess poundage, and the releasing and clearing from me and mine of all the energetic weight that is foreign to me and mine” (energy stuff of others that one might be carrying, which is more common than one might expect). If one has been feeling oppressed, one might ask for "the disengagement from me and mine of all life forms that are blocking, congesting, sabotaging, and interfering with me and mine." And one can just ask for improvement in one's quality of life. There are so many possibilities!

When one makes one's own health and wellbeing one's priority and spends time addressing every issue (spirit-mind-body-environment) until the symptoms no longer present themselves, then one can most definitely expect shifts and changes as time progresses (and some instant results).

That is all.

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Angel-Light Love
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