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Monday, January 28, 2013


January 28, 2013

Recently on Facebook, “The Peace & Love Train” posted a picture including the words “Spread Your Love Everywhere You Go.”  Beneath were the words: “Each of us doing our part and soon the world will be covered with Peace and Love.”

I have to remind myself more often these days that I didn't descend into this level of existence to complain (to myself or others) about how backward and uncivilized humanity is as a whole.  I came here on mission to bring love and light in general and to serve as An Instrument of Divine.  I resonate deeply with a Chris Spheeris concert song of about twenty years ago: ". . . I've come down here to love. I've come to share the light. . . .”

In all fairness, this human body has a mind of its own (as do all), called the ego and the personality.   When people interact with each other, sometimes it is the soul communicating, and other times it is the personality (or, more accurately, one of the personalities or subpersonalities—because every personality has subpersonalities).  So maybe it is the personality doing most of the complaining—or not.  In either case, I take full responsibility.

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