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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


January 1, 2013

Most people are at least aware of the concept or reality (depending on viewpoint) of reincarnation—one soul living in multiple bodies over the soul’s eternal life.  Some are aware of a scenario called soul rotation, soul switchout, and other terms.  But not as many people seem to have given the idea of one soul living “multiple lives” in one body and the different scenarios much thought.  By “multiple lives” is meant several years in multiple careers or marriages/matings, etc.

I have noticed from Facebook posts and Internet newsletters I’ve received and Internet videos I’ve watched in recent weeks that people have reported they have seemed to be undergoing a life review in recent months.   I’m one of those who has been experiencing the life review phenomenon (if you could call it that) in recent months.  Some readers might deny the significance of these life reviews with a reminder that it’s something that happens at the end of a calendar year as one reflects on one’s past.  But we’re referring to months—not days or a week or two—for these life reviews in most cases, and people claim they are not initiating them.  So what is the significance of these life reviews?  There are several possibilities, but this is not the subject of this article, so we’ll leave that to the contemplations and ruminations of readers. Our focus now is on what seem to be multiple lives lived in one body.

Recently, someone who has been experiencing that life review told me in a telephone consultation that he/she seemed like a different person for a decade or so in the past when he/she was living a different kind of life, which was more adventurous.  I’ve noticed the face of an acquaintance has changed noticeably in the last few months since he/she went back to college to finish his/her degree after twenty-five years away.  It seems to be the case that if one’s life stays much the same without changes in focus or lifestyle, one’s face remains the same (allowing for aging and face paint and weight gain or loss, of course). On the other hand, when there are dramatic changes in focus and lifestyle, changes of face are readily apparent.  There are people who have noticed those changes in appearance when looking in the mirror, but they are more obvious when looking at photographs made during different phases of the life. 

The primary reason that one can look back on one’s life or that of a family member or close friend and find different stages/phases and see different faces is because of the nature of the soul (which I’ll attempt to explain as simply as possible here). You see, a Soul Consciousness engaged with this planetary existence experiences many lives with many bodies.  In order to experience as many lives as possible, the Soul divides (as good a term as any) into several parts, twelve reported to be the case, thereby becoming an Oversoul.  Each of these twelve, which are called Souls, also divide into twelve parts, which are referred to as Divine Soul Extensions.  Any division at this point is referred to as fragmentation. The many lives of the Soul are considered aspects/facets and have different experiences and personalities and many times can be found by exploring the subconscious.

As one might expect, conscious knowledge of all these lives and interactions of the many personalities in one body would cause disharmony and inability to function satisfactorily. Fragmentation of Divine Soul Extensions is termed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and was called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) in the past by mental health professionals.  When working toward integration of the various fragments, these professionals (all except a select few who are have knowledge of spirit attachment/possession and the nature of the soul) treat all the personalities the same, which is failing to “see the whole picture.” Properly releasing and processing foreign life forms, earthbound spirits, consciousness units, etc. who don’t belong with the body is the first task at hand.  We won’t go into detail about body sharing arrangements and temporary soul braiding to allow more evolved souls to work through bodies to assist humanity or the incarnated soul and similar topics. However, we will briefly address what are called subpersonalities (aka minor personalities), which is normal and a topic on which awake and aware mental health professionals (and others) have published papers and books.

You see, when a Soul is in the process of unifying its extensions and their facets/aspects, the lives experienced by the various parts are accessible and even participating In the life of the body, and the various personalities exist as subpersonalities, which are often referred to as facets and aspects. It is normal for these facets and aspects who are being unified by the Soul to participate in day-to-day living, depending on what is happening in the person’s life and who the person is interacting with. The experiences of the subpersonalities/facets/aspects are more easily accessible by soul lives exploration (most often called past life regression and sometimes future life progression). There are spiritual researchers and teachers who claim that a Soul (more specifically each Divine Soul Extension, I assume) lives under 300 lives. This would partially explain why various readers give different numbers to the same individual seeking information. With the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis in its current form, we ask how many lives the Soul (which means the Divine Soul Extensions and any fragments) has experienced or is experiencing on earth in human form in the past 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 linear years. This is not Oversoul information, but we could just as easily provide that information (and there would be many more lives). 

To return to the topic of many lives in one body (smile), when one changes course to marry after many years of being single, to undergo training for a different profession, after the loss of a spouse/signficiant other after many years together, to retire and move hundreds or thousands of miles away, etc., one will often experience a shift where a different soul facet/aspect becomes more prominent and the face  often appears different.  If one moves back to an area after many years away, acquaintances of the past will often notice the change of personality and appearance. (This also happens with soul rotation and body sharing, and similar scenarios.)  Various researchers explain the dynamics of subpersonalities in more detail, even sharing how beneficial their own subpersonalities/facets/aspects have been in their lives. The point is that there are aspect shifts with accompanying personality changes and differences in appearance (which can include weight gain or loss, etc.) over the course of a body’s lifetime.

So an extreme example of multiple lives in one body might be: (a) a few years in an abusive, alcoholic home environment, (b) a few years in a safe but emotionally cold foster home, (c) several years in a wonderful, loving adoptive home, (d) several years away from home when attending university/college to get one or two degrees (e) several years as a single person starting professional life, (f) several years as a single adult  living back in the family home when the economy tanks,  (g) a couple years training for a new career, (h) a decade or so married or living with a significant other, perhaps having children, (i) a few years single again, involved in the dating scene, (j) years of retirement, perhaps traveling or appreciating life in different location, (k) a few years of living with one of your children before life’s end. 

One doesn’t have to wait until nearing life’s end to look back on one’s various experiences and adventures, making comparisons between the various phases, checking out photos made in years past for differences in appearance, etc.  Intentionally initiating your own life review can be beneficial at any age/stage—and even a treat.

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