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Monday, January 28, 2013


January 28, 2013

The January 23, 2013 blog of Denise Le Fay on her “Transitions” site is titled, “The Ascension Process & Eating/Digesting Difficulties.”   People commenting on the post (and there have been at least twenty at this point) resonated with it. Complaints of  “Buddha belly” and “nine months pregnant” are common in the sharings.  A few people shared how dietary changes had relieved their digestive difficulties and swelling abdomens.  Another name for “Buddha belly” is “wheat belly.”  Eliminating wheat from the diet has assisted some people. 

Here is an excerpt of my response to Denise’s blog with additions:  “I commented “nine months pregnant” when looking in the long mirror.  Digestive issues, even blocks, huge abdomen. This went on for me for a couple of years until some point last year.  I have no doubt at all that digestive issues and distended abdomen can be caused by ascension symptoms. However, as a 25-year healing facilitator, I searched and found another cause.  I found that two different round-bellied, obese people were extending into my abdomen. [Reasons won’t be shared here.]  When I sensed something happening, it seemed I could actually see the abdomen becoming larger.  When I dealt with these extensions, ‘the baby was born’ within seconds, and I watched the abdomen decrease in size.   Rarely happens anymore because I’ve caught on to what has been going on and usually deal with the issue immediately.  So I want to suggest that assuming digestive issues and huge abdomen (or anything else) is due to ascension symptoms may be missing the boat for some people.”

Another individual commented hours or a day later:  “. . . Thanks to Angel-Light as well for mentioning the cords [extensions].  I completely agree with you, and I began cutting the cords after reading your post. I found several black cords coming from my abdomen, and some were deeply rooted.  I am beginning to see reduced belly now between cutting cords and living on love and creativity. . . .”  She witnessed her abdomen decreasing in size as a result of cutting the cords.

However, just “cutting cords” is not finishing the job (and the person who commented probably knows that).  The cords have to be pulled from both bodies and disintegrated/destroyed, or they can easily be reconnected. 

Wondering if you might share negative or harmful or dark cords/energy connections with others?   Ask the Angel-Light Team to check you for these and the many other contaminants that are common at this dense level of existence.

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