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Monday, January 28, 2013


January 28, 2013

My blog site is named “Angel-Light Beamer.”  Beginning in 1996 and ending in the year 2000, I created and published a total of ten printed Angel-Light Beamers and distributed them via snail mail—to about 300 people by the time I stopped. These were 10-pitch print and had narrow margins, printed front and back, and mostly eight pages to read. Here is a piece from the August 1999 Angel-Light Beamer #9:

Excerpts from “The Star People,” a book by Brad & Francie Steiger (1981):  "Rather than each soul-personality reincarnating again and again to learn and to progress on the earth plane, perhaps there may be a soul-in-common shared by several materially manifesting personalities existing at different times sequences. Often an advanced member of another planetary system is sent on a mission. He is programmed to forget so he can gain experiences the earth way, then gradually awakened to the realization of what he really is.  He is guided to accomplish certain things, primarily the enlightenment of the ones who are ready.  Different Star People have different roles which they will enact throughout their lives and during the times of great cataclysms. Certain of them will be frequently reactivated at unusual times, but most Star People will be retriggered when in the vibrational “aura” of another Star Person. . . . for a Star person is a light bearer and must always attempt to enlighten those whom he or she touches.  There exists within the Starseeds chromosomal makeup, inherent memories, images, characteristics, awareness, which were purposely implanted there long ago.  The difference between those who bear the Starseed and those who do not is that the Star People are aware that they are citizens of more than one universe, more than one level of being, more than one dimensional essence.”

Brad Steiger has researched (via facilitating private discovery sessions with thousands of people and in other ways) and published many books on the paranormal and metaphysical.  His current partner is Sherry Hansen Steiger.  An internet search will pull up a lot of information about Brad’s work.

There is more than one type of Star Person/Starseed scenario.  Often the Starseed comes to be hosted by the ensouled human body-mind unit by braiding its cord with the cord of the embodied soul—for a short period of time or for a long time.  Also often, the Starseed downloads into the body and shows up as one of the lifestreams being hosted by the human body-mind unit, remaining for a short period of time or for years or a lifetime.   There are “born in” Starseeds as well as “walk in” Starseeds.   The term “walkin” has become a generic term to cover several different scenarios.  In this discussion, it is meant that the Starseed did not enter the body in utero or shortly thereafter.   To mention just a few, in many cases, the original soul elects to end the life or wants to go home and another soul, a Starseed, downloads and continues the life.  There are also groups of Starseeds who rotate in and out of a body in order to increase the effectiveness of the mission (enlightening and assisting humanity).  This rotation is necessary because this is a dense level of existence with a lot of challenges. Souls go home or to a place of purification and recharging before returning to their host body.  We have found more than one Starseed being hosted by bodies. In the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we ask if the person carries the energy signature of a Starseed Walkin.

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