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Friday, February 15, 2013


February 15, 2013

This morning we had a sharing, counseling, and teaching telephone conversation with a U.S. supporter in another state. More than one of us being hosted by this human body-mind unit participated, and the body is still feeling the love and slightly blissful.  No, this was not a channeling scenario!  Let me share with you, as I have before, some information about human body-mind units, souls being hosted, etc.

There is “no limit” to the number of consciousness units and lifestreams that can be hosted by one human body-mind unit. However, as one might surmise, too many can cause confusion and dis-ease of the personality (mental illness)  Indeed, when the gatekeeper/governor/guardian of an embodiment “fails in its job” (for lack of better words), then conditions can deteriorate with the host becoming dysfunctional to varying degrees.

Recently came across words of John Hornecker (www.earthscape.net) about soul clusters and how they can function as a collective.  (About John:  “He has been a teacher, writer and workshop leader in the field of spirituality and metaphysical sciences for the past 40 years. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked for 30 years as a mid-level executive in the telecommunications industry. His "spiritual awakening" began in the late 1960's, and in 1972, he underwent a "soul transfer" -- more commonly known as a "walk-in" experience. A second phase of that experience occurred in 1992. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, working with the planetary energy field, and networking with other Lightworkers.”)   I read a lot of the sharing of John Hornecker and hold him in high regard and value his words (which doesn’t mean I have the 100% same reality).

In the article I recently read, John, to assist people in understanding the oversoul-soul arrangement, presented a diagram that shows an Oversoul at the center of a cluster of Souls. There are others who call John’s Oversoul the Soul, and what John calls Souls  they call Soul Extensions.  Some refer to these extensions as fragments.  No need to be exact or use the same words, but it is good to get a general idea of soul dynamics. The following words of John aren’t  “new info” for me, but I always appreciate and enjoy reading about such things:  “. . . It is also possible for more than one of the souls of an oversoul cluster to extend into the same embodiment. . . . Since each soul unit has its own history and, therefore, its own unique characteristics, such a consolidation can be a very ‘interesting’ experience.  The embodiment functions more as a ‘collective,’ with different souls of the group moving into the forefront at different times. This can be a very unusual, and sometimes challenging experience for the person involved. . . . Functioning as a collective can also present some challenges with regard to relationships, since each of the individual souls of the cluster tend to have their own personality characteristics.  If you are a person who has undergone this form of a soul consolidation and now functioning as a collective, people who are close to you in your life, such as a mate, may experience you as having multiple-personality disorder.  And if your mate or a close friend is sensitive to energies, they often will see the shift in the energies in your eyes. . . .” 

John also mentions that “virtually all souls have had embodiments in forms other than human—on earth and/or in other celestial realms. . . . And many souls have had experiences within the angelic kingdom, and tend to carry the angelic consciousness with them in their current human form [emphasis added] . . .”  I recommend the reader go to John Hornecker’s site, www.earthscape.net, and read more of his writings.

With regard to what John calls “angelic consciousness,” I want to share that angels on assignment work through this human body-mind unit--a scenario which is not common but also not uncommon.  Over the years, people who are highly clairvoyant and receiving assistance have reported seeing angels who say they are from Angel-Light. People who are more clairaudient receive messages, such as, “We are from Angel-Light.”  Sometimes they just feel the love and receive “Angel-Light.”  When the angels of other healers have visited me over the years, they have given me the name of the person.

Let me tell you about another body hosting angels with whom I’ve familiar.  A few months ago, had a Skype visit with a friend of twenty years, who is a spiritual healer/teacher based in the USA, and who travels around the world as part of her mission.  There are some friends that are always friends, even if there are months or even years when the two of you aren’t in physical contact. This is one of those friendships.  At the time of this Skype visit (and Skype has made it possible to visit more often), my friend, whom I often call my “sister angel,” was working in Europe, and a friend of hers was also present for the visit. She explained to him, “Angel-Light and I are angels . . .”   Well, yes we are—in the sense that we are angels on assignment working through our human body-mind units (legally, I might add).  And there are literally thousands of such arrangements at this time among the peoples of this level of existence. Despite this being the case, others aren’t always interacting with angels when conversing with our personages.  You see, we’re definitely not possessing the bodies in the stereotypical sense of the word.  The usual soul arrangements are in place.  And there can also be highly evolved souls who downstep into suitable human body-mind units in order to assist humanity, often to teach.  The hosting arrangements can be short-term or long-term, and they can be sporadic. Perhaps the reader can imagine various scenarios/possibilities (and we’ve written about some of them heretofore).

Have we confused you even more, or have you gained some clarity? Hopefully, it is the latter case.

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