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Sunday, February 03, 2013


February 3, 2013

I subscribe to the “Infinite Being” spiritual growth articles sent out by Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance, cofounders of www.infinitebeing.com.   The quality of these articles is outstanding, and the subscription is free. Waters and Vance also recently created a web site for their new endeavor, which is www.spiritualdynamics.net.

In the most recent article, titled “Destiny is Variable,” Owen K Waters discusses what he calls “the expanded view of New Reality consciousness.”  I really resonate with these words:  In the New Reality view of the world, the opposite extremes of black and white become, instead, endless shades of gray. Hot and cold become variable degrees of warmth. Good and bad become different shades of human nature; free of the judgment, resentment and fear that comes with Old Reality, polarized thinking.”  Regular readers of my words know I’ve been a New Reality type of person for a long time—a variable degrees/percentages person and not an either-or person.

Waters also discusses the matter of destiny and free will.  There are varying opinions among people about whether there is or is not free will.  I have pointed out many times that it is not that we do or we don’t but that we have percentages.  In fact, with the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we have found over the years that most of embodied humanity has a 45% free will.  (I was also given that figure by my sources of information.)  Rarely have we found anyone with 50% or 35% free will, but we have found a few with 40% free will.

Just because I recommend an article doesn’t necessarily mean I resonate 100% with what is in the article.  I agree with these words of Owen K Waters: “When you step back and see destiny and free will from a wider perspective [the New Reality], you realize that nothing has to be absolute. If every event in your life were pre-ordained, there would be no such thing as free will or self-determination. As we do have free will, destiny cannot be fixed. Destiny is therefore variable, not fixed. Destiny and free will both exist as interwoven facets of your life. Like threads in a tapestry, they interact with each other and blend to form the outcomes that are the events in your life. Your destiny is created by plans that you made at a soul level of consciousness. Before you were born, you made your main plan for this life.”

Go to www.infinitebeing.com  if you wish to read the whole article.  No doubt you’ll find others that attract your interest.

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