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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


February 12, 2013

About twenty years ago when walking near a big tree, I noticed an interesting piece of tree wood with some bark, on the ground, and chose to add it to my collection  of odds and ends.  A friend at that time said she saw a wood sprite (also called fairy or elf by some).

Today, when moving some things on my special shelf around a little, after adding a tall cup with an angel imprinted, I picked up the piece of wood and, while holding it in my left hand, wondered if the wood sprite was still with it.  In response, I felt something enter my hand or at least cause a very noticeable sensation.  I asked if the wood sprite wanted to stay with me or to go somewhere else (which I would facilitate).  Immediately I saw a spark leave the wood and my hand and land several feet away on the floor.  Such wonderful sensations were within and around me as this happened.

I placed the wood near where the sprite landed and told it that if it wants to stay to reattach itself to the wood and then decided to share this experience right away while I am still experiencing the aftereffects of the experience.

Yes, the sprite has returned to the wood!  How wonderful!

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