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Thursday, March 07, 2013


March 7, 2013

Most readers of this site are probably familiar with house/home/business blessings, which sometimes follow house/home/business clearings.  But I wonder how many have thought of blessing one’s own body?  We the Angel-Light Team have blessed people’s bodies during healing/wellbeing sessions but, truth be told, I don’t recall blessing my own body—until it occurred to me recently.

With regard to body blessing, I use the words, “I bless you my body in the name of the Christ.”  Some people might prefer just, “I bless you my body.”  Other people might like, “I love you my body. I bless you my body.”  Speak aloud, over and over again. I pat my body in various places while repeating words.  If there is a pain or injury (dis-ease), patting that area and blessing the body on a daily basis is where we recommend starting.  If there is a disease, such as heart disease, patting that area or the area of the body one can reach near that area or opposite that area is good.  In general, patting the thymus gland/chakra, which has to do with health and wellbeing, is a good place to begin.  I also like to pat the head.

Something to keep in mind:  We are not our bodies; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and our bodies are hosting us.  So it’s not “I have cancer” but “my body has been diagnosed with cancer.”  It’s not “my feet hurt” but “my body’s feet hurt” or “the feet hurt,” etc. You see, when one puts a “my” or an “I have” in front of anything, one is claiming it. Do not claim any dis-ease or any disease. One is best able to effect healing if one treats it as an energy or energies lodged in the body (whether physical, etheric, astral/emotional, mental, or causal layers—or more than one, which is common).

Blessing and loving the body can go a long way toward healing the body.

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator (Spirit-Mind-Body-Environment)