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Saturday, March 23, 2013


March 23, 2013

As a spiritual healer, I have found that there are many types of contaminants that can be found in and on people’s electromagnetic bodies, and labeling them all the same when dealing with them can lead to mixed results.  Over the years, I’ve been given labels for various types of entities, and I have found other healers also use many names rather than combining them all into one category (such as “attached entities”). We also deal with them based on their effects (such as sinus infection) and what their activities are (such as sabotaging), but recently we achieved instant results for a person by addressing the entity/entities by type.

The individual (who had undergone the Divine Reconnective Healing Process in the past) reported that he/she had been experiencing chest congestion to varying degrees for months and nothing he/she had done had cleared it up.  As an aside, he/she commented that sometimes when walking up to or near a closed door and about  3’ away (whether planning to open it or not), there would be a sound like something had gone through the door before he/she reached it. And it almost felt like there was something hanging onto the front of the body.

The word “hitchhiker” came to mind.  I decided to address all “hitchhikers” and “piggybackers” that might be with this person.  Immediately he/she had a major cough, and felt the chest clear and felt lighter.

How wonderful that there doesn’t have to be a physical, in-person visit for clearing and healing to be accomplished!  

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