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Sunday, March 10, 2013


March 10, 2013

Too many times over the twenty plus years of my ministry I’ve had people tell me that a breath, energy movement, or programming technique didn’t work for them.  I knew that some hadn’t been practicing a technique long enough.  When I questioned others, I would get responses such as “about once a week,” “every few days,” etc. And then I would explain how the subconscious mind will resist change, and persistence and consistence is crucial in any new endeavor or attempt to make changes.  I compare it to a chiropractic adjustment.  If something has been out of place for a long time, one trip to a chiropractor can get wonderful results, but if one doesn’t continue to have adjustments as frequently as the chiropractor recommends, then the condition is likely to revert back to where it was in the beginning.  Usually, adjustments are more often for a period of time and gradually fewer and further between until the chiropractor announces adjustments are no longer needed.  This is what effects permanent change. Repetition.

I was reminded of this when I read “A Better Life in 30 Days,” an article by Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance ( www . SpiritualDynamics . net ) today in their "Spiritual Metaphysics for the New Reality" ezine.  I quote from today's article: Recently, we released the Spiritualize technique, detailing exactly how to use it to improve every aspect of your life. With it, you can transform any challenge, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. . . . Practice the Spiritualize technique at least once a day for 30 days and you will fly right past that old barrier. Why?  Because repetition dissolves the barriers of the conscious mind.”  They are referring to the barriers the conscious mind can set up, thereby programming the subconscious mind. Every thought affects our lives in one way or another.  And barriers can be difficult to dissolve once they are deeply entrenched in the subconscious mind.

There are a number of ways to dissolve subconscious blocks—some less time consuming than others, and some that seem to work “like magic.”  Affirmations come to mind. However, if the affirmations are outright lies (such as, “I’m rich” or “My body is healthy and strong”), or if one’s feelings don’t match the affirmations, getting results is going to take a long, long time (if results are forthcoming at all).   If a condition or situation that is unwanted is one of longstanding, then far better it is to determine the core/root causes of such and use techniques recommended by an experienced facilitator and then clear and heal and transform and eliminate and terminate them--whichever is appropriate.  This is not to claim that sessions with a facilitator are the only way to effect permanent change.  No, not at all.  Again, there are a number of ways to change one’s life experience.

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