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Saturday, April 06, 2013


April 6, 2013

When adding music videos to my YouTube playlists recently, sadness and tears briefly took over when I began to listen to Brad Paisley’s, “What If She’s An Angel?”  I love the words, which are about non-judgment and giving to people in need. However, at this listening, the emotions came from those of us who are angels working through this human body-mind unit to assist humanity. There are six of us.  (We are not the same as the Angel-Light Team, who exist apart from this body and usually circulate separately.)

The reason for some sadness is that our angelic mission has been majorly suppressed, and is only about 55% active at this time. By way of comparison, the mission of angels expressing through someone we recognize and resonate with is 90% activated (and there are eight angels assisting humanity through that instrument at this time).  About 35% of human body-mind units host angel lifestreams on mission to assist humanity in various ways.

Going into reasons our angelic mission has been less active is not the purpose of this article. However, we will share that giving up the “traveling angel” lifestyle and living without a lightmobile (automobile) are two reasons we are not as active as we’ve been in the past. The intent of this article is to inform and/or remind readers that there can be (and usually are) various lifestreams downloaded/extended into human body-mind units.  The lifestreams have a number of reasons to participate in living human at this level of existence—some of which are benevolent (to assist humanity) and others of which are malevolent in varying degrees.

In addition to angels, we have found fairies, elves, cetaceans, and others (including human type extraterrestrials) that are legally being hosted by human body-mind units. Usually there is a mix of types of lifestreams.  We also find life forms that move in illegally to use human bodies (temporary or long term).  We attempt to disengage these illegals when providing the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, and we mostly succeed unless they have become deeply entrenched over a long period of time and have majorly taken over their host bodies.  It would be inaccurate to claim that all these illegal life forms are evil.  Many just have the view that the intents and needs of their genre/species are to be achieved at all costs (service-to-self points of view).  

The most prevalent of these is reptilian in appearance (and some gifted people can see them just as they can see angels and others). These are called by many names in the published literature, including archons, annunaki, controllers, and overlords.  There are some people who claim the reptilians have been controlling governments and people in power for thousands of years and have illegally manipulated the DNA of humanity.  We have found every human body to have only small amounts of “original species” DNA, with many about 25%. We do not spend time determining the origins of the remaining DNA, although about 60% do have at least some DNA of the reptilian controllers. 

Just because a body has some DNA of a species/genre does not mean members of that species are allowed to possess, occupy, and use it.  We have found possession, occupation, and use by reptilian overlords/controllers to be from 5% to 95% when it does occur. Only around 40% of human body-mind units are subjected to this violation.  And, again, we have been able to terminate it for many who have asked for assistance. The main issue is that they have been and are interfering with the Divine plan for humanity. We ask the reader not to assume that all reptilian-type beings are of the overlord/controller group or have the same intentions.

Some people claim the reptilians/annunaki/archons have been controlling governments and people in power and orchestrating events for thousands of years. However, it has been revealed to many awake people who are aware of the shenanigans of the reptilian overlords (and those who serve them) that things have been changing, and they are on their way off the planet.  Let it be!

I Am, we are the Angel-Light Team, seeking to serve, locally and long distance.  Our ministry (Healing Love Lighthouse) is supported by gifts and donations. If you appreciate this article, you may want to show your appreciation with a donation. All who support this ministry are blessed.

Angel-Light Love
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