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Thursday, June 20, 2013


June 20, 2013

Etheric communication has also been called telepathy, mental projection, and psychic communication, although one can make a point that there are subtle differences among the terms.  For purposes of this article, we’ll use the term etheric communication. Keep in mind that a person’s Divine Support Team and/or Angels can go to others to seek assistance for their 3D human, such as what happens when people need assistance that we the Angel-Light Team can provide. However, that’s not what we’re covering here.

Sending messages to others “over the airways” (for lack of a better term) is not as difficult as one might surmise—especially if both sender and receiver are sufficiently spiritually attuned and/or have interacted in their current lifetimes.  If the two people have also been close, it is easier.  However, people with a lot of personal power can many times, especially with practice, send messages to strangers which are received and acted upon.  For example, have you ever been in a long checkout store line at a store and amused yourself by focusing on the back of a stranger’s head and sent “turn around, look at me”?  Careful now! That’s getting close to the fine line separating play from violation.

Recently, I decided to test my ability to communicate with people at a distance again because I hadn’t consciously and intentionally done so in a long time. First, one imagines the face of the person targeted. Ideally, one speaks aloud, slowly and purposely, and sets intent, such as: “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I intend to send a message to [person’s name, and any identifying info one wants to add, such as general location or where the two of you last interacted].”  Then:  “[Person’s name], this is [your name and any identifying info you want to add, such as from the 1960 class of UU University].”  You might want to ask such questions as, “Where are you and how are you?” Or you might want to apologize for something that happened.  There are plenty of non-invasive possibilities.  You can repeat up to three times in one sitting, but anything more is excessive (unless there is an emergency, of course).  People are receptive at different times of a day, so if you don’t sense contact at one time, try at another time on another day. Remember to come from an open heart when etheric messaging so as not to slip over into the violation zone. 

I had a delightful, feel-good experience with the first friend of the past I contacted and immediately received, “Let your light shine!”  This “lighthouse” increased the light measurably after receiving those words.

You can ask your Divine Support Team or Angels to terminate and block all thought projections and energy projections into your space by dark operatives and people engaged in the dark arts using one of the standard formats we recommend and have shared several times this year on the “Angel-Light Beamer.”

Seeking to serve, we are the Angel-Light Team—available locally and long distance.  Our ministry (Healing Love Lighthouse) is supported by gifts and donations. If you appreciate this article, please consider supporting this ministry with a donation. All who support this ministry are blessed.

Angel-Light Love
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