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Thursday, June 27, 2013


June 27, 2013

We’ll briefly discuss different spirits that can be found targeting people for various reasons, and we have found all these we’ll mention with people over the years (some more common than others)--especially when performing our Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  When identifying spirits, we’ve found it more useful to label these unseen ones (unseen by the average person) by their actions and intent rather than origins because people can more easily understand what they are by what they do.  Obviously, there can be some overlapping among the terms presented here.

A common term used by spiritual healers is “attached spirits.”  Another common term (also used among the general populace--both seriously and in jest) is “evil spirits.” There are spirits who infest people or places.  A definition of “infest” is:  to live in or on as a parasite.  Using this definition, as far as people are concerned, these could be labeled “parasitic spirits,” “piggybacking spirits,” or “hitchhiking spirits,” depending on their intent or purpose.

“Vampire spirits” feed on people’s energies. “Possessing spirits” possess, occupy, and use human body-mind units to varying degrees. These are also sometimes called “controlling spirits.”  There are also “harassing spirits” aka “talker stalkers,” who are especially bothersome to people who are clairaudient or telepathic.  The terms “corrupting spirits” and “unclean spirits” are used. 

“Negative spirits” and “hostile spirits” and “predator spirits” can be found with people.  There are “deceiving spirits,” “oppressing spirits,” “obsessing spirits,” “sabotaging spirits,” “abusing spirits,” “violating spirits.”  Another label used is “malevolent spirits.”  Believe it or not, there are spirits who attack people, and some of these “attacking spirits” infest people over long periods of time and have succeeded in doing serious harm and even causing death. I have heard and read of such cases in modern times.

Fortunately, there can also be found “benevolent spirits” of various intentions with people. We’ll leave it to readers to label these by intent, for it is not difficult to do so.

This discussion is by no means anywhere near complete for this is a short blog article—not a chapter in a book. 

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