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Saturday, July 20, 2013


July 20, 2013

I have been bringing golden light into the area of the thymus gland, where the High Heart Center is said to be located, off and on for years. Breathing golden (or white, if preferred) light into the body through the Central Vertical Channel and down into the High Heart Center and expanding it out in all directions—for 6’ or more—is recommended.

Recently I came across a video of Sandra Walter (www.sandrawalter.com) about activating the Christed Heart Center which, it turns out, is another name for the High Heart Center.   In the video, Sandra explains that the Christed Heart Center is the lowest part of a diamond shape template, with the highest point being above the head.   It is on the diaphragm right below the soft spot in the center of the chest below the throat. It is connected to the thymus chakra/energy wheel. It serves as a connection to one’s multidimensional selves. Sandra informs viewers that to activate the Christed Heart Center, you command it.

To begin the activation of the Christed Heart Center, we recommend the following methods.  “In the name of Christ and under the law of grace, I [your name] Decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, and giving thanks for the decorruption, decontamination, repair, restoration, and optimal activation of my Christed Heart Center—on a full and permanent basis now.”  OR  “I Am [your name].  I Am That I Am.  In the name of Christ, with the power of Christ Divine within me, with my Applied Conscious Intent, and with the power, the light, and the love of my Inner Divine Spirit, I [your name] Decree I Am activating my Christed Heart Center optimally—on a full and permanent basis now.” 

The activation is the beginning of a process, and full activation usually doesn’t take place instantly.  The length of time varies for individuals.

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