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Friday, July 05, 2013


July 5, 2013

In recent weeks, North Central Texas was privileged to once again have a visit from Mata Amrtanandamayi Devi/Sudhamani Idamannel, known as “the hugging saint.”  There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of what I call Healing Love Energy for the hundreds of people who form long lines to experience one of Amma’s hugs at scheduled events—and these aren’t quick hugs.  I was blessed with one of her hugs back in the 1990s. Wonderful!

I was once a spontaneous hugger, but I learned that some people are unable to accept openhearted hugs without misinterpreting them. I was able to be freer with the hugs when around spiritual metaphysical people (as I was often in the past, but not as much since late 2009).  Almost everybody knew we were just giving each other hug medicine, and energy would flow through us in varying degrees, depending on the openness of each person and the need. There were occasionally men who considered a hug an opening, but not many did so at gatherings of metaphysical and spiritual people.  I once made the mistake of spontaneously hugging a woman who wasn’t spiritual or metaphysical as I was leaving her home. Big mistake! She was unable to accept it without attaching the word “attraction” to it.  Gradually, I learned to practice discernment before hugging and to keep the energy channels at less than full throttle, depending on the person being hugged. I remember laughingly telling someone who was hosting me in her home 15-20 years ago that her neighbors probably thought I was “bi” (which I’m not) since they saw me sharing long hugs with both men and women who provided transportation when they picked me up and dropped me off.  That was their problem—not mine! Smiling to remember.  

Since I gave up the “traveling angel” lifestyle and have been without an automobile (aka Lightmobile) for three and a half years, and live in a suburb “out of the loop” of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, opportunities to hug people who can accept them are very rare. So that is why I think about the past a lot. Doing so brings smiles to my heart and my face!

Earlier this year a friend began channeling extremely high vibration energy, which, as I understand it, she was instructed to do only ten minutes a session.  This person knows never to channel this energy of the Christ vibration more than thirty minutes a day total.  Recently she made a decision to channel the energy for twenty minutes in one session. She informed me that in the future she will remember to keep it to ten-minute sessions  because twenty minutes was too much at one time.  Certain vibrations of energy can fry one’s circuits, so to speak, so it is wise to exercise caution.

When I open to channel Healing Love Energy for people in private sessions, the flow of energy not only benefits the recipient but also benefits me. I have seen some remarkable shifts and changes in recipients by the end of many of these sessions.  These days it is my thirty or so potted plants who receive most of the Healing Love Energy (and that’s because of location of my home base more than anything else). Once in the 1990s, I put my hand lightly above the top of the head over the crown energy wheel/chakra of a gal sitting next to where I was standing as we talked to a guy in the room. I felt such a high-vibration surge of energy go through me, and she exclaimed, “Wow! What was that? That was better than an orgasm!” It also energized her. 

Hopefully, as time passes, more people will realize the long drive to my home base is worth the time and gasoline and donation to do so. "I know that I have come down here to love."

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